This is a theory i have made based off of Iron man 3 so spoiler alert to those who haven't watched the movie yet

It is to explain why in the Sonic 93 cartoon why Julian Robotnik act's so much like a stereotypical darth vader/doctor claw wannabe villian with all those captian planetque fixation's he had for pollution and being evil. it is because hes actually one of them things known as.................................

and the REAL Sonic 93 Version of Doctor Ivo Robotnik(who looks like the video game version of him) hired him to distract the mobians and wear them out by tricking him into thinking hes actually in a hit sci-fi tv series and that Sonic is the hero of the story and that hes supposed to battle against him and to pollute the world

it explains why

1. hes named JULIAN Robotnik instead of Ivo Robotnik

2. Why he says such stereotypical villian lines such as it makes me tingle all over' and it warms the carcass of my mechcanical heart and other weird lines because hes actually a *Spongebob face* ACTOR who has researched through countless Movie's and tv series and is using them as inspiration for what he think's is a tv series hes starring in as the main villian

it can also work for Aosth and Sonic underground as well