I have a explanation for why Sonic is the way he is nowaday's. IT'S A IMPOSTER PRETENDING TO BE AND RUIN HIS REP AND LIFE!! cause i KNOW for sure that The REAL Sonic is BETTER than THAT

1. The REAL Sonic is Smart when it come's to thing's like reading book's and studying animal's like Butterflie's and Bird's and is Great at puzzle's. He is very funny with a lovable sarcastic sense of humor.  Very Mature and Thoughtful and Kind for his age and hes quite levelheaded though somewhat arrogant when it come's to Doctor Eggman and can be angered when someone hit's his beserk button 

2. The REAL Sonic love's eating Strawberrie's. Frog leg's. Chicken. Apple pie. Mushroom's and Watermelon

3. The REAL Sonic is like a Big Brother Figure to his friend's like Tails the fox. Amy rose. Shade the echidna and Alex the anchiornis and he will baby and care for his friend's

4. A Voice Actor most fitting for The REAL Sonic would be either Vic mignogna or Josh keaton IMO cause their voice fit's sonic tha most to a T

5. The REAL Sonic was raised by a family of anchiornis who found him in a beach cave inside a cryo-pod as a infant and he grew up in their farm like Luke skywalker in Star wars was a  originally farm boy

so what happened to the REAL Sonic you ask?? Jet the shapeshifting hawk kidnapped him and is impersonating him in a effort to ruin his rep and life for good in a petty act of revenge for losing to a X-treme gear racing tournament which caused Jet's popularity to grind to a screeching halt and lose all of his fan's to Sonic 

This caused The already Mean and Self-centered Hawk's heart to blacken with nothing but hate. bitterness and envy toward's The Blue Hedgehog and thrist for nothing more than revenge and the dream of taking everything Sonic had and fought for which grew into a plan when the hawk got accidently dosed with chemical's and mutated gaining powerful new shapeshifting power's so exact his new scheme to kidnap sonic and impersonate him

He then sought out to get a android replica of himself from a certian fat scientist and use it to cover for him so everyone will be fooled into thinking nothing is going wrong and that the android is jet

and then he hired some thug's who then helped capture Sonic and they then threw him away to a special cell made for him while Jet then shapeshift's into Sonic's appearance and head's out to ruin The Blue Hedgehog's life and his rep