sonic games that need to be made

1. a game starring about amy rose

2. a game that takes place in alternate universe where sonic and co's genders are reversed

3. a digimon/sonic crossover game

4. a 3D sonic adventure styled remake Trilogy of the four classic sonic games

5. a sonic trilogy dedicated about sonic's secret past and stuff

6. a sky racing game where you race with giant butterflies

7.what if shadow the video game had a more spiritual and mystic feel. used chaos powers instead of guns for the gameplay. used a cooler brand of enemies instead of the pathetic obviously evil ones. greater depth and a better story??

8. you know what would be better then what they did in sonic heroes?? a sonic game where you can play as up to 4 players at a time and use them for gameplay reasons like sonic is better for agility and running through obstacles while tails can work through machinary and build things and knuckles can dig and lift stuff while amy rose is best at combat

9.A Video game where Team Sonic and Team Jet are battling each to the death would be so awesome in that you can choose between playing as either Team Sonic's story or Team Jet's story and both story's end with you as Either Sonc or Jet and you fight to the death and the gameplay is like Sonic Adventure 2 but better