Too often, fans and writers forget that Doctor Ivo Eggman Robotnik's shtick is that you're SUPPOSED to underestimate him. You're SUPPOSED to be so underwhelmed by his clownish mannerisms that you never see it coming when he manages to emerge triumphant. Any writer that fails to use the Eggman correctly simply because "he looks goofy" would be among the first to fall for The Eggman's ruse

Sure Doctor Eggman has a funny name and appearance, but who says evil masterminds have to be scary looking? I mean, look at the history of the mob in the U.S and you'll see that most crime bosses had funny nicknames and were not that intimidating looking. Crossed them, however, and you'd be wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the Ocean

This is when a villain doesn't look like a villain, and is even more terrifying because of it. You could pass them on the street and never notice them, let alone suspect that they raped a cat to death just the other day.

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The Perfect example of the extremes of evil

What Eggman is in my mind:

Doctor Eggman in my mind as being The Main Villian of the whole series MUST be far more evil than every other villian in the series