1. The REAL Sonic the hedgehog thinks chili dogs are mediocre. his favorite foods are apple pie' Scrambled Eggs' Frog legs and Blueberry muffins because he has TASTE in food and likes eating stuff that's healthy for him

2. The REAL Sonic is a VERY mature and wise young man who cares for his foster father alex the anchiornis. tails the fox and amy rose along with other members of his gang and loves nature and is very patient and kind

3. The REAL Sonic loves doing things like reading books. cooking. sniffing flowers. looking into the sky at night. huggling up with his friends and playing board games with them and soccer

4. The REAL Sonic is a very cunning and savvy MASTERMIND who can compete with Doctor Eggman in a battle of wits and come up with over 300 thousand witty joke and banter in the matter of half a hour because sonic the hedgehog is a GENIUS when it comes to making jokes and dishing out schemes

5. The REAL Sonic was raised by a tribe of dinosaurs known as anchiornis who found him in a ancient cryo-preserver in the beach's of green hill zone and raised him as a infant into the mature and heroic warrior he is now

6. The REAL Sonic is most SANE dude and the only man sane of Team sonic for hes the one who isn't weird or naive like tails the fox who is a weirdo geeky type making crazy inventions. amy rose is so hyper. alex the anchiornis is somewhat naive and so on

7. The REAL Sonic doesn't need a woman to be the brains for him because he is BEYOND clever and a mastermind. he can solve anything and he is not retarded just because hes a male hes SAVVY and COOL like a pro

8. The REAL Sonic has a semi-stoic. coolheaded. clever. savvy. puzzle solving. chessmaster and smooth deadpan snarker personality 

9. The REAL Sonic is a very funny and charming hero who makes EPIC jokes and banter not cheap ones like robutnik 

10. The REAL Sonic is trying to find his real father and secret past along with defeating the eggman empire