1. He is basically born for the role of Sonic when you realise it through watching these videos he was meant to play as Sonic for everything about him fit's voicing sonic instead of that creep roger crap smith

2. He would/could easily have Sonic sound and be so Funny and Mature and Cool and Snarky and Calm and amazing and heroic and responsible and Smart and all round amazing so heck

3. Jack is reasonably mature for his age. He is also protective of his friends Raf and Miko, looking out for them like an older brother of sorts, and he has a strong friendship with his protector, Arcee to the point of considering her family. Jack highly respects Optimus and rarely questions his orders and rules. Jack is courageous and quick-thinking, seen in his first encounter with the Decepticon assassin Airachnid when he blew up her ship using an energon leak and makeshift torch. Ratchet has compared Jack's personality to that of Optimus, before he became a Prime. This maturity impressed Optimus so much that he entrusted the Key to Vector Sigma to Jack. sounds like Sonic to me

4. Sonic and Spider-MAN have so much in common in term's of personality while Sonic and Bat-Baby

5. Spider-MAN is much more lovable and cooler than Bat-BABY who is a over-glorified baby

6. the only other voice actor who fit's Sonic is Vic Mignogna(Edward elric's voice actor)

7. I always love to imagine Sonic being like a combination of Spider-ManEdward Elric and 11th Doctor cause i love it so much