1. Spider-MAN NEVER wore a suit with Spider-Nipples on it while Bat-Baby love's wearing suit's with Bat-Nipples on them

2. Spider-MAN doesn't need a car like Bat-Moron he can just swing across The City with his special Web-Shooter's like tarzan

3. Spider-MAN battles against a Fat Mad Scientist and his Robot's while Bat-Moron fight's a insane clown and some common thug's all the time

4. Spider-MAN love's making joke's during his fight's about the villian's weight. his mommy issues or how lame his super-villian name is while Bat-Baby just say's nothing and is all mute like a whimpy little child with no backbone

5. Spider-MAN is MUCH more like Sonic in personality than Bat-Loser

6. Spider-MAN is a cool. relaxed and smart cookie who has BOTH Gadget's AND Super-Power's and does what he does to help people unlike Bat-Loser who is just a dumb whiny little rich brat who is angry at losing his precious little mommy and daddy and is a complete lunitic

7. A Crossover with Spider-MAN and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sonic is more likely then one with Bat-Loser

8. Spider-MAN is MUCH more Sci-Fi than Bat-Loser

9. Spider-MAN doesn't need to be rich like Bat-Loser

10. Spider-MAN Movie's. Cartoon's. Comic book's and Video games are all better than Bat-Loser's