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    As you all know in sonic Generations you can unlock music tracks & change the music in the levels. well i have custom soundtrack for all 18 acts & all 7 boss fights. I want to know what your custom soundtracks are. Just leave the list in the comments. My custom soundtrack is:

    Green Hill Zone Act 1: Sonic Boom Act 2: Green Forest

    Chemical Plant Act 1: Un-gravitify Act 2: Free

    Metal Sonic Boss fight: Race To Win

    Sky Sanctuary Act 1: Splash Hill Zone Act 2: Windmille Isle

    Death Egg Robot Boss Fight: Flying Battery

    Speed Highway Act 1: Metal Harbor Act 2: It Doesn't Matter

    City Escape Act 1: Default music Act 2: Default music

    Shadow Boss Fight: Live & learn

    Seaside Hill Act 1: New Venture Act 2: Emerald Coast or Wave Ocean

    Perfect Chaos Boss Fight:…

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  • Danielk2427


    November 17, 2011 by Danielk2427

    hey everyone! It finally happened I'm on XBOX Live. I can finally download games like Scott Pilgrim vs The World. & I can get DLC for Mortal Kombat. I know I'm gonna have me some fun. Oh & I might make a playthrough of Sonic Generations on Youtube when I get a chance. See ya!

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  • Danielk2427

    Ok I'm sure some of you have seen my recent blog at this point I have finished Sonic Generations. Here are my final thoughts.

    Story: Awesome

    Gameplay: awesome

    Music: Kick a**

    The best part is that after you finish the game you can play any of the levels with Super Sonic. I really enjoyed this game even if the story was a little short. So do I recommend this game? Yes I do. Does anyone remember when they recorded the crowd saying "Happy Birthday Sonic" at the Sonic Boom event? Well its at the end of the credits. The only thing that dissapointed me was that the crush 40 version of Sonic Boom wasn't in the game. Well later.

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  • Danielk2427

    Ok yesterday I picked up my copy of Sonic Generations & so far I think its really awesome. I do have a few issues with it.

    1: I'm already on Planet Wisp & I've only been playing it for 4 & half hours.

    2: Not enough cutscenes

    3: The levels are a little too easy

    But other than that I think the game is awesome. I haven't finished it yet so these aren't my final thoughts. Anyone who has played it yet tell me your opinions.

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  • Danielk2427

    Ok I'm back from my vacation but I'll talk about that on another blog. I've been doing some thinking & I think I know where the idea for the Tails Doll Curse started. Ok anyone who has played Sonic R might've noticed this. After you win 1st place on the Radiant Emerald track the credtis automatically play & after the credits whoever you beat the track with appears in a picture & under the picture it says: Thank You For Playing. Well the Tails Doll has black eyes but in his pic after the credits he has red eyes. I think thats how the rumor about him being cursed started. But thats my opinion.

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