As you all know in sonic Generations you can unlock music tracks & change the music in the levels. well i have custom soundtrack for all 18 acts & all 7 boss fights. I want to know what your custom soundtracks are. Just leave the list in the comments. My custom soundtrack is:

Green Hill Zone Act 1: Sonic Boom Act 2: Green Forest

Chemical Plant Act 1: Un-gravitify Act 2: Free

Metal Sonic Boss fight: Race To Win

Sky Sanctuary Act 1: Splash Hill Zone Act 2: Windmille Isle

Death Egg Robot Boss Fight: Flying Battery

Speed Highway Act 1: Metal Harbor Act 2: It Doesn't Matter

City Escape Act 1: Default music Act 2: Default music

Shadow Boss Fight: Live & learn

Seaside Hill Act 1: New Venture Act 2: Emerald Coast or Wave Ocean

Perfect Chaos Boss Fight: Default Music

Crisis City Act 1: Default Music Act 2: Default music

Silver Boss Fight: Default Music

Rooftop Run Act 1: Tropical Resort Act 2: Endless Possibilities

Planet Wisp Act 1: Toxic Caves Act 2: Reach for the Stars

Egg Dragoon boss fight: His World

Time Eater Boss Fight: What I'm Made Of