This is a list of all the levels I'd like to see in Sonic Generations. Some might not make it in but I'm hoping.

Sonic 1 levels: All of them.

Sonic 2 levels: Chemical Plant zone, Oil Ocean zone, & Death Egg Zone.

Sonic 3 levels: Angel Island.

Sonic & Knuckels levels: Mushroom Hill Zone.

Sonic R levels: All of them.

Sonic Adventure levels: Lost World.

Sonic Adventure 2 levels: City Escape, Prison Island, Pumpkin Hill, & Cannons Core.

Sonic Heroes levels: All of them.

Shadow the Hedgehog levels: Lethal Highway & Black Comet.

Sonic 06 levels: Crisis City & Kingdom Valley.

Sonic Unleashed levels: Spagonia.

Sonic Colors levels: All of them.