OK on Friday night me & my 3 brothers are going to try something that I've just found out 2 months ago. Me & my brother Ryan have planned this for when our other 2 brothers came for the summer. We've got everything set up. We might be going to hell for doing this prank on our 2 little brothers. Were going to try to summon the Tails Doll. Before anyone says its not real, let me tell you I know its not real. Were going to play Sonic R on the Gems Collection which is why I bought a Wii 5 weeks ago. Were going to tag Super Sonic & I have a Tails plushie & I fixed it up to look like the Tails doll. I've got a walkie talkie I put into him, after I tag Super Sonic I'm going into the bathroom I've got him attached to a string I'm going to pull the string to make him float out of the bathroom talk on the walkie talkie to scare our 2 little brothers. Those are my plans on Friday night.