Why is there so many recoloured official artwork pieces uploaded? I dunno, maybe I'm bothered by it as it was always something that annoyed me? Who knows, I'm probably rambling by now?

It's always bothered me I guess due to my experence on deviantART, I mean I'm not innocent, I did recolour an offical work when I was younger, but I made damn sure to make it look nicer than what I see uploaded here and on dA sometimes. (Here, I'll show you: Maybe it's because I was from the "gif" era for most offical art and thus it made recolouring properly easier (Except the eyes, I'm not perfect ;P), but it's just that there seems to be so little effort put into it. It's just a case of grabbing the brush tool and then just ruining a perfectly good piece of work.

But then again, maybe I'm just a bitter artist.