Hi guys. As you all know today is Halloween. I hope y'all have if not are enjoying your Halloween time, but there is something bigger for me behind this day. Today is my 3-year anniversary of being on the SNN. I remember the first time I came onto the chat and they still had the 100-edit rule, and I had to make 100 edits to access the chat. Then I remember the "Big Ban Theory" where I got banned for 3 months... ^^; I was then reformed even more drastically than Discord from MLP afterwards... Then I came and met all the newer users... Hyper wasn't on that much.... Cesar left... Bullet was always there... now I have newer online friends to spend my online time with. Then came 2013..... Tinka, Free, NJ and Blue. I also started to go on the chat much more frequently and meet lots of new people. It was also the year I got my deviantART. And now, 2014. I made friends with Josh, Jaslyn, Geeky, and Sidney. The year I still live in; the year of many funny things like: When five of us, including me, changed our avis to Meloetta, Metal changed his avi to things I really hate, Xeno reveals the curse, and many, many more. Here I am today, wishing myself a Happy Wikiversary! Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!