In the Nintendo E-shop description on Sonic Triple Trouble, even though it does not mention Mobius being Sonic's home world, it mentions that Mobius does in fact exist in the games. I've always known or at least asumed Mobius is in fact Sonic's home world and someone's theory on Sonic's home world (Mostly because Sonic Team has created a real mess with the storytelling) says that Mobius IS Sonic's home planet in all media and that like Sonic X, Eggman and the others were sent to Earth via Chaos Control thus explaining Sonic X having the Chaos Saga (Or as I like to call it, the Sonic Adventure DX Saga), the Project Shadow Saga (I forgot the real name of the Saga so I just call it the SA2 Battle Saga) take place on Earth and the Meterax Saga taking place on Sonic's home planet Mobius. I don't care if Sonic X is for some reason "non canan" Mobius is in fact Sonic's home world.