Hi, since some people spotted this during an interview or something, it's possible that Marine the Raccoon or a character who will be like her lookalike will appear in the upcomming Sonic Boom. I would totally not mind Marine in the show/game, I really like Marine, deal with it! But there's still the possibilitie that this re-design or new character is just a hoax and out of boredome and the hope that Marine will appear in Boom, I drew a re-design for her based more on her current appearance. Her outfit is a little more like that of a girl who dreams about becomming a pirate someday with the head cloth and a little blue steering wheel next to her ear symbolizing her love for boats and nautical stuff. The boomerangs, which kinda fit with her hair style, are Marine's weapons whom she uses combined with her secret power from Sonic Rush Adventure (I hardly believe it's hydrokinetic powers). The other small details were just to make the design a little more original.


What do you think about it and would you like to see Marine in Sonic Boom or not?