Since there has been the rumor of a movie starring Sonic and his friends, coming out this year has been around and there was even some kind of script of the movie, I've been thinking about an alternate story. The rumor said that the movie would be life-action and CGI, feauturing Sonic as the only CGI-character and Tails, Amy and Eggman real actors. I haven't been that pleased with the life-action because if you're having a movie with real-life and CGI it can be either good or bad, there's something nutral less often, but I decided to keep the life-action for my idea. So here's my idea:

The story starts with an eight year old boy who's name's Miles, living in an orphanage but beeing alone all the time and having no friends, who's dreaming about having a real best friend. One night, he's sitting at his desk in a small dark room drawing a picture of a hedgehog looking identical to Sonic, whom Miles wishes to become real so he can go on adventures with him and doesn't need to be alone anymore. As he's finished he's looking at his drawing again, shedding a tear, then looking outside a small window gazing at the stars and eventually going to bed. While he's sleeping, his drawing starts to sparkle and we get to see another world (Mobius) where a blue hedgehog all of us should know is running through a forest. As he nearly gets shot by a laser, we see Doctor Eggman in an aircraft with Shadow standing somewhere next to him. Suddenly, Sonic disappears in a bright light-beam, leaving Eggman surprised but satisfied. Shadow asks him why he's so happy and the Doctor replies something like this "Because I just discovered that you and Sonic are complementing one another. He's the good half of this world and you're the evil one. Now that the good side is gone I can finally build my Eggman Empire and nobody will stop me from doing so!". Tails flies by in the Tornado, Amy and Knuckles by his side wondering what happened to Sonic. Back in the real world, as dawn has broken, Sonic appears out of Miles' drawing waking the boy up. At first, Miles can't believe that Sonic is real but they soon befriend each other and Sonic says that his new friend could help him find a way to return to his homeworld. As the story proceeds, the dou meets more and more "real-world-counterparts" of Sonic's friends ( for example: Amy's quite similar to Mabel Pines form Gravity Falls, she's thinking positive, lively and gets a crush on other boys pretty easily (in this case Sonic, whom she describes as the boy of her dreams just as a hedgehog). Knuckles is some boxer who they encounter when their getting attacked by a road gear but Knuckles beats up the gang and saves the trio. Cream is a little girl in 2nd grade makes everyone her friend (esspecially Miles) and always has a puppet that looks like a chao (replacing Cheese) with her. Blaze is very shy but dreams about becoming a pyrotechnist someday which is why she always carrys two purple sticks (burning at the top) with her but nobody believes in her and teases her about having such a silly dream which is why she trusts nearly nobody and doesn't have any friends because in her eyes, all humans are the same and will never care about her talent. I can't think of other characters' counterparts, if you have any ideas tell me)). Somewhen, Amy asks Miles how he actually brought Sonic into their world which Miles replies that he doesn't really know but he drew a picture of a character looking like Sonic. Sonic realizes that Miles' drawing must have teleported him and tells the others that he just had to draw a picture of some of his friends to make them help him find a way back home. Thus, Tails, Amy and Knuckles get warped into the real world and tell Sonic that Eggman is about to take over Mobius and enslave everyone due to everything good on Mobius beeing gone. Just then, Eggman appears through a portal with Shadow as by his side saying that he found out Sonic has been transported into the real world and now the Doctor wants to destroy the whole planet to not let everything of the good inside of Sonic remain. Sonic then uses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds but due to him beeing in another dimension, he doesn't transform into Super Sonic but Nazo (yeah, I know it's 97% unlikely that Nazo might appear again but i still have some hope for him) and finally destroyes Eggman and his robot (even though Shadow almost killed him but because of some machine Miles built, he counters his attack). Caused by the Chaos Emeralds, another portal opens transporting Sonic's friends home and before Sonic leaves (and NO, this is not going to be Sonic X episode 51 2.0), Miles thanks him for all the adventures they had and says that, thanks to Sonic, he found a bunch of new friends so that he "doesn't need Sonic anymore" and to make him leave the orphanage he hated as well Cream offers him to live with her and her mother, which Miles happilly accepts and let's Sonic return home. Back on Mobius, Sonic and his friends start to rebuild everything due to the whole planet beeing full of Eggman's factories and stuff. During the credits there are shown multiple pictures of the characters how they're going (Miles beeing welcomed at Cream's house, Blaze meeting someone who finally respects and is impressed by her talent (Silver's counterpart), Knuckles beeing confronted by the road gear he beat up before, Amy stalking another boy she rapidely fell in love with and Sonic and his friends rebuilding Mobius' buildings (a scene where they all just ague but in a funny way). After the credits, there's a post-credits scene like we had in Unleashed, Colors and Generations with ther same kind of humor (maybe Eggman waking up in some weird looking place wondering how he could loose again, his plan was so perfect and then Shadow wakes up in some scrap metal holding his had and saying "Who am I? Where am I? I can't remember a thing about my past..." and Eggman just facepalms.

What'cha think about my idea? Post your opinion in the comments and please respect other's opinions and if you don't like my idea, don't just say "How can you write something like that, it's horrible!" but if you don't like it, suggest how you would have made it better.