Hey guys, the Sonic-Series has great characters and bad characters so now I got some ideas for changes SEGA could do or could've done to some of the characters to make every Sonic Fan like them. This list will possibly not include characters you expected but if that's the case it's simply because I like certain characers many people dislike. But here's the list

Big the Cat

Big is a less good character anyway but if SEGA wants to change that they should give him a reason to appear in the games at all. I mean all Sonic Characters have strong powers: Sonic can run fast, Shadow can do Chaos Control, Tails can fly, Knuckles can dig through the ground and is extremely strong and Amy's got her hammer but Big; Big can fish. He needs more abilities (like transforming his fishing rod into a rod that can pull enemies towards him and then he can punch them and the rod's having a lot other features. And Big needs a life. All he does is fishing, searching for Froggy and ... Yeah, that's it, that's all he does. Furthermore his stupidity needs to decrease making encoutering him enjoyable and not like "Yeah, great the stupid's back again.". IMO video games don't need any stupid characters (TV-shows and comics do need them), they're about fights. But even in Sonic X he's annoying because he's doing nothing except for fishing.

Knuckles the Echidna

I don't wanna sound like hating Knuckles, I just don't like him that much and SEGA could maybe change that if they wouldn't make him stupid enough to believe everything Eggman tells him. How is he supposed to get along on his own when he believes every trash somebody tells him. It maybe was good to add that to the first game Knuckles appeared in but some years later it's boring because we already know that Eggman is lying and later Knuckles will find out and be frivals (friend and rival) with Sonic again.


Omochao sure is the worst guide in a video game I've ever seen. He's the most useless character in the entire franchise. He tells you "important informations" (for example: "Watch out for those rocks falling down. If they hit you, it'll hurt." Yessss Omochao, thank you. I'm sure until I met you I was the only human on the planet who didn't knew that you're getting hurt if a giant rock hits you in the head.) you already know even when it's the first Sonic game you've ever played. SEGA could totally change his appearance, I mean Chao are not able to talk (as far as I know) so why creating a robot that looks like Chao and is talking? SEGA could change the tips he gives to the player, like changing "Press the A-Button to jump" to "Watch out at [insert place or section] there are [insert enemy] attacking you from behind" (it would be the first time you play the level and you would not know that somethings attacking you from behind making the information usefull). But if there are no changes SEGA can come up with, they should simply scrap him or come up with a new character replacing him as a guide, a lot of fans would be overjoyed by this.

Rouge the Bat

Even though I really like Rouge, SEGA could change her attitude. At the moment she's nothing but someone who's just flirting with everyone she meets but Rouge is a lot more than that! She's 1. the leader of Team Dark (not anymore but she was) 2. a spy for the Guardian Units of Nations 3. a world famous treasure hunter 4. a sidekick to Shadow. SEGA can keep the flirty stuff, I don't mind that, but they should show her other qualities too.

Sonia and Manic the Hedgehog

I don't like Sonic Underground but if the Americans and French would've changed these too I maybe would have liked it more. They didn't had to be Sonic's siblings, that's just confusing, they could have just been his closest friends and Sonic could have had a crush on Sonia instead of Knuckles and just near the end of the series in the final episode they could have found out that they're siblings (even though that would ruin the crush thing but nevermind).

Princess Elise the Third

Many people (excluding me) hate Elise but that didn't had to happen. The main reason for the hate is (I suppose) the romance between Sonic and Elise (which I don't mind), SEGA could have left that out but I think they just wanted to try how the fans will react to a Sonic X Human relationship maybe because they wanted to bring back Sonic's scrapped girlfriend Madonna from the old games (that's anyone's guess). I didn't play Sonic '06 but I've heard that Elise was captured about three times troughout the game, I have to admint that's much, one or two times would have been okay but at three times it's repeating.

Chris Thorndyke

Now comes the character who could've got the most changes out of all I've listed. 1. His appearance: He looks excactly like Sora from Kingdom Hearts and that totally decreases his recognition value. SEGA should have simply changed his design, that would've allready been enough. 2. Stealing other's roles: He stole Tails' role as Sonic's best friend, Amy's when reminding Shadow of Maria and Rouge's when getting the only thing left from Shadow, one of his Inhibitor Rings. Him replacing Tails is the worst thing about Chris, Tails has always been Sonic's best friend and noone will ever break that bond but Sonic X did it just perfectly. They should have simply made him someone Sonic treads like all his other friends (Amy, Cream etc.). Replacing Amy and Rouge is just dumb because it was during the adaption of Sonic Adventure 2 and TMS wanted Sonic X to be as close to the games as possible but instead of doing so they made Chris do two of the actually most important things in Sonic Adventure 2. They should have simply let Amy remind Shadow of Maria and Rouge getting Shadow's ring then everybody would've been satisfied.  3. His concept: Chris is the son of rich parents who are never having time because they're so fame but they give Chris a lot of toys and other cool stuff (like his own pool) to make him feel happy. You should have totally changed that, Chris is a boy with stuff every kid dreams about and thus he actually has no reason to want Sonic as his only friend since there are still Danny, Helen and Francis. If they had made his parents and him poor without any nice stuff or his parents having disappeared and him trying to get along on his own (without friends so he really needs Sonic and the others), Sonic and his friends would have a lot more reasons to spend all their time with him and most of the audience would like him because they're taking pity on him. 4. His uselessness: In some episodes of season 1 and 2 Chris was a little useless but still important to the plot because Sonic and his friends were trapped in his world but in season 3 he's just a waste. All the things he did Tails could have done too (maybe even better) and what do Sonic and his friends need him anymore? They didn't expect him to ever come back (thus I presume they didn't mind him anymore) and they don't need him in their own world. He shouldn't have appeared in season 3 at all. 5: Chris' gender: I don't wanna sound like someone who's discriminating others for their gender nor do I want to sound like a homophobic but since Chris is seen crying pretty often in Sonic X (esspecially when it's about Sonic or Shadow) and hugs male characters (Sonic or Shadow) often too it kinda would have been better if he was a girl. A young human character accompanying the world's fastest hedgehog and his friends could have been such a wonderfull character but we get Chris. He was promoted by 4Kids afterall so what did you expect?

So, that's the list. What changes do you suggest for which Sonic character? Write your opinion in the comment-section below. Respect others opinions and be nice please.