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This is my first blog-post (never thought it would be one like this but well) and I listed the in my opinion worst episodes of Sonic X here. I do like that show but some episodes are just like... UGH! So here's my list.

The top 10 worst Sonic X episodes

Number 10 - "That's What Friends Are For"

Thats what friends're for

Episode 14

This episode isn't actually that bad the plot's about the President wanting to invite Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Chris and Chuck to a party but Sonic refuses because he's already going on an adventure with Helen, one of Chris' friends. But the President's aide sends lots of soldiers and helicopters to find Sonic but in the end Sonic brings Helen to a place she always wanted to vivit before and both are happy. The reason why I don't like this episode that much is just because of the aide, he doesn't care about Helen or Sonic just because of that party and if Sonic doesn't want to visit the white house, forcing him won't help. But I'm fine with the Sonic-Helen-parts in this episode.

Number 9 - "A Date To Forget"

A date to forget

Episode 42

Before you start sayin' something, I DON'T hate this episode cause of SonAmy but rather because of Sam Speed, who takes Amy out for a date because Sonic abandoned them both and on their date Amy defeats an Eggman-Robot and in the end Sonic shows up but doesn't give her a wink at all. To say it raw, this episode involves pedophilia in my opinion, since Amy (a 12 year old girl) goes out on a date with Sam Speed (a 28 year old man), strange isn't it? And Sam is a character who's guts I really hate.

Number 8 - "Sonic's Scream Test"

Sonics scream test

Episode 19

What we have here is number 8, another episode that's based on Sonic Adventure. Sonic and his friends are all in an old castle because Chris' mom is shooting a movie there. At night it's revealed that the castle is haunted by King Boom Boo and other Boom Boos that are freed because somebody put an hourglass with a sun- and moon-side on a pedestal with the moon-side up. All of the heroes, except Amy and Chris are then captured by the ghosts untill Sonic escapes fights the ghosts and in the end Chris is the hero with putting the hourglass with the sun-side up on the pedestal and everything is fine again. This episode's a 'lil creepy but the reason for my hate is just that Knuckles isn't in it, although he fought King Boom Boo in Sonic Adventure. And instead of having any character that did something important in this episode, put the hourglass with the sun-side up on the pedestal, they choose Chris, who did NOTHING throughout the story but standing together with the other and beeing what he always is: needless!

Number 7 - "Sonic's Big Break"

Sonic's big break

Episdoe 35

"Sonic's Big Break" is one of the episodes that are in the Shadow Arc. and is about Sonic beeing sent to Prison Island because everyone mistook him for Shadow and his friends try to save him. Shadow and Rouge are on a mission given by Eggman to steal some Chaos Emeralds from Prison Island where Shadow sets a bomb and before it goes of everyone escapes and Shadow chaos-controles himself, Rouge and accidentaly(/unfortunetly) Chris on the Space Colony ARK. My first reason for the hate: The stupidity of the inhibitants of Station Square who can't see the difference between blue and black (and some other differences between Sonic and Shadow). And I find it really sad that the only persons in that town who can see the freaking differences are: a scientist named Eggman, a teacher and Rouge the Bat (NOTE: Bats are actually totally blind and can only notice their surroundings via sound waves).  My second reason: Chris and Mr Tanaka: Prison Island is a high security prison and those two seriously think they could invade it with a pedalo that looks like a swan. UGH! Third reason: Just Chris because he's so annoying and doesn't even realize Shadow isn't Sonic from a distance of 4 metres and then jumps on him and HUGS that poor hedgehog! But at least Shadow punches him in the stomach for that (Yay Shadow :DDDD).

Number 6 - "Chaos Control Freaks"

Chaos control freaks

Episode 1

The first episode of the anime. Sonic accidentaly transports him, Cream, Tails, Big, Amy, Froggy, Rouge, Eggman, Knuckles, Decoe, Cheese, Bocoe and maybe Bokkun (dunno if he already existed then) into the human-world where the police tries to catch him but fails and calls the S Team (the most useless thing in SX, IMO) to catch Sonic. The leader of the team, Sam Speed, then races Sonic but *Surprise, Surprise* Sonic wins but then falls into a pool. The pool belongs to Chris' house who saves the hedgehog and thus they become friends and the episodes over.

I don't like "Chaos Control Freaks" that much because it's not really the best thing to choose as the first episode of a Tv show because the first episode should always focus on the main characters, in this case Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Eggman, Cream and (unfortunetly) Chris. But no, it focuses on only one of them and the other characters who are in the spotlight are just useless. Nobody needs the S Team or all the Cops or even Chris!

Number 5 - "Sunblock Solution"

Sunblock solution

Episode 40

'THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE MOST STUPID EPISODES OUT OF ALL THE 4 SONIC CARTOONS'!!! The story's about Eggman becomming good with selling glowing lamps to the people in Station Square because the ARK. is blocking the sun or somethin' and the town is covered in darkness. The people trust him and buy the lamps and are even going so far to vote Eggman their PRESIDENT! But luckily there's one person who's not insane (Sonic) who doesn't trust Eggman and starts destroying the power supply of the lamps but the people then hate him because Eggman has turned on a new leaf now. And once again is the stupidity of the people in Station Square the reason why this episode is on the list, I mean how can you be so stupid with believing that a man who wanted to kill you throughout 35 anime-episodes wants to help you?! But the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that not even Sonic's friends trust him and still believe Eggman isn't a villian anymore. Well, so this is #5.

Number 4 - "Techno Teacher"

Techno teacher

Episode 6

The reason why I dislike this is simple, it's one of those episodes that focus on Chris. Here's a summary: Eggman sends a robot to Chris' school who replaces his current teacher Mr Stuart and the students like him. As Eggman notices his robot turned good, he sends Bokkun to change the robot's mind again. This works but I don't if Bokkun did it or anybody else but the robot was then evil again but Sonic defeats the thing and everyone's happy. I stated my main reason already above but because Mr Stuart is one of the few human characters in SX I like, so I don't like the way he gets treaten here.

 Number 3 - "Chaos Emerald Chaos"

Chaos emerald chaos

Episode 4

At first I was about to make this #1 but two episodes simply top this boring story. The plot is so simple that even a four-yer old could've come up with it: A Chaos Emerald is found in Station Square, Eggman finds it but then Chris takes it from him saying he found it first, Eggman takes it back and flies away in his Eggomatic Hovercraft or whatever but Chris clinked on to it untill he falls down with Emerald but Sonic catches him, takes him home and everyones proud of the brat for finding the gem. "Chaos Emerald Chaos" focuses too much on Chris again, is boring, and has the other characters like Tails and Amy doing NOTHING again. That's all.

Number 2 - "Fast Friends"


Episode 21

I hate this episode SO much!!! The plot is stupid: The president's aide wants to organize a race between Sonic and Sam Speed so the President can gain more popularity or something anyway it was a damn stupid reason! Sonic refuses  but then the aide contacts Eggman to make Sonic taking part in the race. Somehow the Blue Blur agrees and the race starts Sam is cheating throughout but Sonic wins in the end and everyone's happy. The first thing I hate about this is Sam Speed having a mayor role, the second the fact that every single person in Station Square is interested in that stupid race and all roads are blocked just for that stupid race and they didn't even think about emergencies like when an ambulance has to drive on the road because someone is about to die but can't pass because of that stupid race but no one would be about to die unnoted because everyone's watching that stupid race! ARRGH!... I hate that episode! But there's still one episode I hate even more than all the other I listed here. Voilà #1...

Number 1 - "Friends 'Til The End"

Friends til the end

Episode 51

Here we go, "Friends 'Til The End" is the episode where Sonic and his friends are about to return home because the fate of ,both, their and Chris', world depends on it. As everyone but Sonic went through a portal Tails and Chuck built Sonic says good-bye to Chris but when he wants to leave, Chris SHUTS DOWN the portal and runs away with Sonic. His parents start sending soldiers and that stuff to find their son and Sonic and Chris finally reach a lake with a hut where Chris has often been with his parents when he was little. By the campfire Sonic and Chris are talking to eachother until Chris claims Sonic would only be his friend because he saved him from drowning but then says that he'll be alone again if Sonic leaves. Sonic says Chris has to decide whether he goes or not and Chris says Sonic has to leave and his parents find him in the end. So, this is Number 1 and while I was watching this I was like this: *They all leave* Well theyre goin' home, no more Chris! *Chris shuts down the portal* Beam me in there give me a gun and let me shoot him! *Chris runs away with Sonic* Let him go! (I'll skip the part now that's unimportant) *Theyre sitting by the fire and Chris says that with the pool* Shut up! You should be happy that you have at least one friend! *Chris says he'll be alone again if Sonic leaves* Get yourself a hobby! And you already got 3 friends and otherwise your forever alone, who cares! *Sonic lets Chris decide* Have you lost your mind Sonic? You don't care about all your friends and how much they'll miss you and that your worlds will be destroyed! *Chris cries again* Once again he's doing what he can do best, cry. *Chris lets Sonic finally leave* OMG, finally the only right thing Chris ever does.

Welll, that's it #1, a bit long but I had to write that. So, this is just my 'lil opinion and if you should disagree with me in some point I'll respect that. Noone has the same opinion like someone else. Leave your opinion in the comments below.