Hello happy people, yesterday I played Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games with my friend and here's what I think about this game: I hate it! I've already been discussing with another user on a thread about the crossover-series and this game too but that was when I didn't played it so I can state a more accurate opinion now:

First: The cover; a cover for a really good game should show the most important characters like the Vancouver game's DS cover or the London game's cover did. But instead of showing the most important characters (like Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles,(maybe Amy) and Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser,(Donkeykong or Daisy)) they're pitching Sonic, Mario, Knuckles and Peach on the game.

The second thing I don't like is the opening-movie. Before my friend turned on her Wii U I was just like "Don't skip the game's beginning, I wanna see the opening-movie!". She said: "There is no movie.". Me: "Say WHAT?". We started the game and saw Mario and Sonic riding down a snowy hill. That's the opening-movie. I didn't saw the opening of the first crossover but I saw the 2010 and 2012 opening, those sequences had all the characters playing a discipline and they were shown multiple times but this.. This has just Sonic and Mario. Furthermore, Nintendo and SEGA had the briliant idea to make Mario snowboard and Sonic skii down the hill. Seriously, how in the world can they give Sonic skiis?! He needs to have a snowboard, not Mario!

3: The characters: The first Olympic Games had only eight characters, the Vancouver Games had ten (Silver, Metal Sonic, Bowser Jr. and Donkey Kong were new), that made it new. London didn't had new characters but it had the same ten competing in different disciplines. If Sochi had had new characters too, I'd like it much more but well.

Another reason is that I noticed that the creators of this game simply took the poses of the characters from the previous Olympic Winter Games when you're holding the pointer at a character on the character-select-screen and don't select it yet.

At least, I still have some points that will possibly bother me only and nobody else but I'll write them anyway: They translated the lines characters will say when you select them. This doesn't regard those of you who own the copies released in English-speaking countries but it really bugs me in the german copy. Those lines sound so freaking lame in german and the voices are horrible! The same as in Sonic X, listen to them here if you wanna know why that's annoying me: Silvr's voice isn't in there but it's like Sonic's. And there's something that nobody else will probably care about but they made Shadow smile. He never smiles! At least not in moments that are nice for others, only when something evil is happening.

I spent a nice afternoon at my friend though and I'd like to hear your opinion on the game. Please keep it civil and don't become rude just because people like/ hate things you hate/ like, respect others and leave your comment in the section below.