Hello there,

Here I'm asking you about you're favorite song in the Sonic-Series and decided to write my opinion first.

Number 10 - Reach for the Stars

This is like the first Sonic Song I've ever heard and loved it from the beginning. It has music that fits within the game and nice lyrics, even though I never understood the correct lines at first. Here's the link if you never heard the song before: Reach for the Stars.

Number 9 - Sonic Heroes

The first time I heard Sonic Heroes (song) was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the Green Hill Zone when I always failed at beating Sonic but I couldn't get the refrain outta my head, which is also my favorite part in the whole song. Furthermore, Sonic Heroes is my favorite Crush 40 song alongside Reach for the Stars.

Number 8 - Tripod Baby

The first time I heard this was just a about half an hour before writing this post but anyway, I love this song! Not just because it's about Shadow but rather because it's always making me feel happy and think about all the great things in my life. Figure out if you like it as much as I do, here: Tripod Baby

Number 7 - Mi-Ra-I

Mi-Ra-I (japanese for "F-U-T-U-R-E") is the ending theme from the first thirteen episodes of the japanese version of Sonic X. The music is just sooooooo relaxing and peaceful and the lyrics are about letting go of the past and looking forward into the wonderful future. Run&Gun made an excellent job when performing this masterpiece and you can do nothing but singing with them and smiling when listening to Mi-Ra-I.

Number 6- Dear my Friend

Dear My Friend is such a beautiful and sad song that I get teary eyes everytime I'm listening to it. It's not just from my favorite Sonic-Game but also has a wonderful message about never-ending friendship that can be like that of Sonic and Tails or Shadow and Maria *sob*.

Number 5 - Un-Gravitify

The beginning of Un-Gravitify is already awesome but the refrain is even more awesome making it an awesome song overall. This track fits Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity so well because, well it's lyrics're about manipulating nature's gravity. Even though this song exists in three different versions the original by Cashell is my favorite.

Number 4 - Escape from the City

You just gotta love this song! It's simply about adventures and should make everybody feel happy and bright. I love every remix of it and the original version too of course. Escape from the City can really make your day wonderful and whip a big smile on your face, no lie I once had an amazing day just because I was always listening to this track inside o' my head all the time =D

Number 3 - T.O.P.

Another Song from Sonic X on this list, looks like the best things in that anime were the japanese songs XD Anyway let's get to the point, T.O.P has awesome music and lyrics about gaining for beeing #1 or reaching the TOP. A bunch of Engrish is used here but it doesn't help you understanding the lines unless you're speaking japanese. The song is awesome though and will always be my favorite Sonix X song.

Number 2 - Endless Possibility

Endless Possibility was almost ranked #1 on my list and it was really hard to decide but well, now it's number two. I heard this song first when I was watching a trailer of Sonic Unleashed on the internet and it just became my favorite song. When I finally beat that game I was so freaking happy when I heard it during the ending credits and almost freaked out when I unlocked it in the "Browse Music"-Section. The music in the beginning and the end is just so cool and I like the lyrics a lot. Now it's time for the one song that's just a pixle better than this one, Ladies and Gentleman... Number 1:

Number 1 - Who I Am

I really adore this song and don't understand why it wasn't used in Shadow the Hedgehog (the game that is), I like it ten thousand times better than "I am... All of me". Who I Am has amazing music, esspecially during the refrain, and amazing lyrics. There are lines that are just SO true, for example: "You never really understood me; You always put me down", "This is who I am; Not a shadow of who I want to be; Try to understand, that this is what you made me; And you're not ever gonna change me" Tell me that those aren't awesome lyrics! They're so great that I'm always about to cry a little bit when I hear this song because I'm so happy that it and Shadow and the whole Sonic-Franchise exist. The music is so touching (yeah, that sounds kinda weird, I know) and I love the noise (that "gasp of anger") Shadow makes at the beginning, now I can't make another sound when I'm really angry because of whatever. I could listen to this masterpiece all day and it wouldn't get boring, because I simply love this song!

So that's it, number 1 is an unused but amazing song. I wonder about your #1, just write your opinion in the comment-section below and please don't be rude and say things like "How can you like that song?! It's horrible!". I will respect your opinion and please respect other's too.