I don't know how to even begin this but....I'm leaving.

No I'm not. JK.

Truth is, it has been exactly a year since I started editing on SNN. ONE YEAR. I still can't believe it. I've grown so much during my time here and I cannot thank everyone enough for it.

I really want to say more sappy sad stuff but I have to hold off on that for now as I'm sorta busy but stay posted as I still have quite a lot to say.

Also, I hope you all remember a certain blog post I made about a certain picture I would create. Well, here it is:

I really must colour it later but I had no time as the deadline was today. Anyway, in the picture, I've included basically the people that through the year. Some may be blatantly obvious but others require a bit of thinking. I will update on that as well soon enough.

Thanks again everyone. Really. Here's to more edits to come!