Evening, my fellow editors! It's been a while since I've made a blog and I guess making one now is as good as any time to.

So, first thing's first: Happy Earth day! And with most holidays, I was reminded of this by Google as usual. Anyway, with it being Earth day and all, I'm here to be the wiki parent you always knew you did not want and remind you to preserver energy as much as possible. Sometimes I can be pretty bad as some days I leave my laptop charging for what seems an eternity. So yeah, try your best guys.

Also, today is our dear baurecr--bearu--berry... high ranking editor's birthday today! The one and only BlueSpeeder ! [INSERT CLAPPING HERE] The dude has been here for a really long time and is one of the only people to have made over 50, 000 edits! (I mean, other those other guys if that wasn't already obvious). For his birthday, I decided to make him a celebratory comic based on Sonic and the Black Knight. (Spoiler alert, probably)

The second version on an anime he really likes. It's also a dead meme because I'm not cool like that.

I also have been drawing a ton more and you'll see of the rest of the sketches below.

Anyway, I return to school on Sunday as I've been on holidays for two weeks now so low activity again. Not really that much of a difference considering how lazy I've been lately but those books are not gonna hit themselves. (And by hit, I mean HIT)

And with that, that's pretty much all that's going on. As an ending note, I will say that we should all make an effort to be kinder to one another and be more supportive of the things going on in our lives as we cannot tell just from observing from behind a screen. A little bit of kindness doesn't hurt anybody. Sometimes I feel hypocritical saying this but it is true and it's not something to ignore.

Anyways, have a good one editors!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have recently been playing Sonic Time Twisted, a fan game that has been in development for 12 years now! If I have the time, I will definitely write a review on it because it's definitely something worth talking about.


It's also this Yarcaz's birthday too. Not as active here but I wanted to show it off anyway.