What's up, editors? DeCool here. I wanted to take this time to gather attention about a special event today. A birthday, if you will, and this person deserves the only the best. Truly the hardest worker you'll ever meet here on SNN. Of course I'm talking about Ultrasonic9000.

Ultra joined SNN way back in July 2011, during the hype of Sonic Generations. And who could blame him? The pure excitement that was gathered during that time period was something special. Soon enough, he came to discover how badly the wiki needed editing, with all its red links and missing information. So he went ahead and got to work. To date, Ultra has gained over 200,000 edits, more than any user here. His dedication only shows how loyal a fan he is to Sonic, as most of us here can be. As he always states, no matter how bad a direction the Sonic series heads in, he will always support the little blue guy on his journey when no one else will. It was with this determination that he soon became an Administrator and later a Bureaucrat.

This determination is the very reason I've stayed on SNN for as long as I have. Without him, I would not know how to the a lot of the techniques I find relatively simple today, such as redirects. Without him, I never would have even attempted to become an Administrator. Almost everything I do on this wiki, I owe to him, as well as my fellow editors BlueSpeeder and Luma.dash.

There are days when I've seen Ultra at his worst, when he cannot concentrate properly or he's upset over something, which allows me to understand his sensitive side a lot. He cares. And it is a wonderful thing to care. Without this trait, well, I don't even think more than half the content you may see about Sonic online would exist without him.

So Kudos, Alex. Thank you for everything you do. And have a wonderful birthday.