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    Note: For those who will be abnoxious about whether or not this is Sonic related or not. This is my attempt of sharing/spoofing news with Sonic related subjects.

    Knuckles: "Do you know how embarrassing it is for me, to keep arresting my brother over and over again--"

    Espio: "Well, maybe you should stop arresting your brother over and over and over again--"

    Knuckles: "You think this is a joke?"

    Espio: "No, I don't think--"

    Knuckles: "Is this how you wanna leave your mark on the world; huh?"

    That's right. Espio and Knuckles' voice actors are going to be voicing the main characters of inFamous: Second Son. Naming, Delsin Rowe and his older brother Reggie Rowe (respectively.)

    This is awesome; this is going to rock. Knuckles has always been one of my favorites (ov…

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    Alex Kidd Reboot

    May 18, 2013 by Demon Killer

    I was originally going to write this blog sooner but then armageddon happened so...

    Anyway, I wanted to write about how much the time is right for SEGA to reboot the Alex Kidd franchise as a PS/Xbox heavy title while Sonic does his Nintendo stuff. Personally, I find this a great idea but I want to see what you guys think. Can SEGA pull off the God of War experience for Alex Kidd?

    .... yeeaah and no, I would like just a simple action story really. Everybody is doing the God of War method with action games, like with Dante's Inferno, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Darksiders, yadda yadda. It's mainly beat'em up with quick time events and action commands, Alex Kidd can handle that but Darker and Edgier would seem too soon.

    That could work. One could s…

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    Sonic fanfilm

    February 6, 2013 by Demon Killer

    I don't know whether someone's already done this but... aw, who cares. Here is the fan film that I've been making a fuss about. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen...

    As some of you might have been around to know, our very BL7 tried to make a page about the Sonic Fanfilm (the one that is as of now about to be released sometime next year). I suppose Rider may have a chance with reason.

    Rider is going to be more diplomatic here; trying to not to go too far this time around.

    Riderjones, who is to be considered a more light hearted persona, would like to make a petition for archiving Sonic related media (note that I underlined media) that have not been made by Sega.

    Most admins here are definitly going to bite hard this time. Somewhat true but not that hard.

    The main reason here, because there has been no page made for that Fanfilm. No collective information anywhere else so, Battlelord felt …

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    Night of the Mare

    December 13, 2012 by Demon Killer

    Starring: Mr. Nightmare and Sonic the Hedgehog.

    On a stage surrounded in shadow, with a few spotlights to help take a view. The red curtains on top of the wooden floor, two sets moving back; in complete opposition of each.

    We soon see Sonic the Hedgehog sitting on a chair, nonrestrained and willingly sitting upon such a old fashioned seat.

    Lights comings from above vanished, leaving the shadows to devour the scene in a quick instant. Quickly, only a few seconds after; too fast for sound to be heard, the lights came back. As the shadows evade the brightness, a white haired man could be seen, dressed in the darkest clothing yet.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen!"

    Tipping the black fedora on top of his head as he shouted to the mobian audience.

    Almost everyone…

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