I was originally going to write this blog sooner but then armageddon happened so...

Anyway, I wanted to write about how much the time is right for SEGA to reboot the Alex Kidd franchise as a PS/Xbox heavy title while Sonic does his Nintendo stuff. Personally, I find this a great idea but I want to see what you guys think. Can SEGA pull off the God of War experience for Alex Kidd?

Darker and Edgier

.... yeeaah and no, I would like just a simple action story really. Everybody is doing the God of War method with action games, like with Dante's Inferno, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Darksiders, yadda yadda. It's mainly beat'em up with quick time events and action commands, Alex Kidd can handle that but Darker and Edgier would seem too soon.


That could work. One could see this image as too kiddy for a next-gen title, so bare in mind that spiffing his age up to look like a teenager would probably be great.


No. Absolutely not! Not for the first round.


Playing and Beating the game sounds completely boring. So, having collectables other than rings, certain objects that give you a more narrative background.

How Non-Linear?

Grand Theft Auto style vs Metroidvania... the latter seems better.


Tell me your ideas on how SEGA can revive the Alex Kidd franchise.