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"Darn you Albert Wesk.. I mean Eggman."

Alright so, I've been around the Transformers wiki and I've noticed that they put jokes in the notes, trivia, and pictures which gave me the thought "why don't we have jokes?" though some of you might disagree but all I'm saying is that since this is a kids wiki (a wiki meant for kids; a note before confusion), we shouldn't hold back on amusing the readers. Giving out a laugh, making people happy, something like that. To be honest, there's alot of stuff in the Sonic wiki to make a joke about. Like Silver using the force or Sonic saying "Darn you Albert Wesker... I mean Eggman". I was hoping we could do that, we could make the wiki less boring and more entertaining. If you still disagree then tell me why should the wiki remain boring? why should it be not funny? There's always room for laughs.

"hmmm... what are 1000 ways to take a hedgehog's head off?"

Jokes on articles

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