These are a list of voice actors and Sonic characters that would serve a better match for eachother.

The list

  • Sonic: Nolan North
  • Amy Rose: Tara Strong
  • Knuckles: John Dimaggio
  • Tails: also Tara Strong
  • Shadow: Roger Craig Smith (I find Sonic's present voice better suited for Shadow than for Sonic, mostly because of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil and Ezio from Assassin's Creed who Nolan North was also in)
  • Rouge: Grey Delisle
  • Omega: Corey Burton(aka Shockwave, Brainiac, Red Tornado)
  • Eggman: Mark Hamill
  • Silver: Jensen Ackles or Johnny Young Bosch
  • Blaze: Hayden Panettiere

More voices on the way.

my thoughts on this

It's all a part of my war with Sega about better storyline and voices. I think my ideas are better suited.

Retcons needed

  • Shadow needs to be a bit like Batman. That is certain because Shadow in concept is suppose to be a furry Batman in a way. That would make Shadow not really an anti-hero but a vigilante maybe.
  • Sonic needs to act like a real hero. Not like that Johnny Storm like crud. I mean Sonic needs to show some struggle, some flaw that nobody seems to care about but love 'em anyway for it.
  • Amy needs be more like most love enterests. A damsel in distress and less obsesive. More like a tough girl that should be trying to attract Sonic. She should show the concept of Lara Croft (Metaphorically) sexy and yet a bad girl.
  • Eggman needs to be more menacing. More like the, raising an army of impossible odds. Shouldn't really be the comic villain.
  • Omega needs to look down on mankind (like Mr. Smith, thinking mankind as a disease.)
  • Silver, dam, I'm sorry but Silver needs to show some hatred/relation with Shadow. That would just make Silver more relatable, you can't even argue about that. I mean, the concept of Silver being a hidden child from the future out to get revenge from his mother's death whom he believed was because of Shadow who turns out to be his father. That turns Silver and Shadow into a furry version of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader respectively.
  • Blaze, Rouge, and the rest, are fine.
  • Sonic really needs to be in a more cinematic storyline, I don't care how they'll do it, I want the games to be more like most PS3 games: where movies and games come together (like Uncharted, Infamous, and Ratchet and Clank Future: a Crack in Time.)
  • Archie needs to sell the comic rights to Marvel comics. I don't know why, Sonic just fits there somehow.