Note: For those who will be abnoxious about whether or not this is Sonic related or not. This is my attempt of sharing/spoofing news with Sonic related subjects.

Knuckles: "Do you know how embarrassing it is for me, to keep arresting my brother over and over again--"

Espio: "Well, maybe you should stop arresting your brother over and over and over again--"

Knuckles: "You think this is a joke?"

Espio: "No, I don't think--"

Knuckles: "Is this how you wanna leave your mark on the world; huh?"

That's right. Espio and Knuckles' voice actors are going to be voicing the main characters of inFamous: Second Son. Naming, Delsin Rowe and his older brother Reggie Rowe (respectively.)

This is awesome; this is going to rock. Knuckles has always been one of my favorites (over Sonic even) and seeing one of his voice actors voice the older brother of one of my other favorite characters is a real treat (no sarcasm implemented.)

See more in the trailer below.


Infamous Second Son Trailer - E3 2013-002:03

Infamous Second Son Trailer - E3 2013-0


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Seeing Troy Baker and Travis Willingham side by side (granted, it wasn't what I was expecting but) is cool nonetheless. Also, they will not just be voicing; they will be doing the motion capture work too.

That's a whole new level of cool. Taken from example with other franchises such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and L.A. Noire. You will get to see the actual faces of the actors (granted, a bit spiffed up for the story.)

Spoofed Story

Sonic: "So, what is it about?"

For those who are not aware of Second Son--

The game's plot is about a 24 year old Espio who has discovered his ability to absorb the powers of other superpowered Mobians. Starting off with manipulating, redirecting, and transforming into... Smoke!

Now, the D.U.P. is after him; rebranding him as a "Bioterrorist", they intend to lock him up or kill him. Delsin resists and is willing to fight them off.

Aided by his older brother, Knuckles whose also a Cop, to take the D.U.P. down.


For official info on Second Son, go here.