This is part1, book one of the new Fractured trilogy. I hope it's good enough for you guys.

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In the shadows, there is darkness, in the darkness, there is death and most of all lost. Seeing people dying infront of you and them being erased from your eyes, get you the feeling that darkness will always prevail but with darkness, there is light, but with shadows there is ilumination and when there is death, there is life. One cannot go without the other. It all began with me being just me. A boy who became a soldier then became what you might call a harbinger of glory and just. but All I did was fail and become the enemy that I wanted to destroy. In the night, I remember the time with Anna, I loved her, I wanted nothing but her. When she died, it shunned me from being a man into a coward that lost every god damn thing in his world that he wanted back. I was not given back the life that was as good as heaven, as good as the angels with there wings. It washed away even more seeing the night was dream in my bed, I've asked god to give me a chance to get back what I lost but as you can read, I cannot. Anna is dead, my friends don't give a darn and my life was thought to have ended. I woke up, got up with so much pain. I sometimes wish that something new could happen, something to destroy the anger within me and give me the soul of my old self but as you can see, that self was lost in the past, farther than mankind. My employers, G.U.N., I was just an agent with a lack of respect. My mind was drooling with feelings that kept on telling me that I'm gonna die in this new mission. My life in hell all the time. The building was huge, big as the daily planet. The size distracted me from my objective and I was about give up already. It did not matter to me what was going to happen to me, I lost my train of thought and believed my self to fall. I had a strange feeling that I was along in this war between me Rouge came along after, she noticed me, I didn't care, all I use to care about was Anna, when she died that changed the caring of me vanished without telling. Rouge came to me, seeing that I needed help with something, she grabbed my hand and made me stand. She asked of my name, my name was not mentioned in the first part of the story but that's my fault. I told her that my name was Michael because Violenza was the birth name and it was then made into a code name. Rouge hold on to my hand, she knew I was part of the new group known as Squad 9, a team that I didn't seem to recall. I told her that I was not part of such team known as that. I told her that I was just an aran boy, nothing else. After that she held on my hand even further and took me into G.U.N. HQ and was greeted by the commander who took my visit a bit too seriously. The commander told me that I'm being sent with Rouge, Shadow, and the chaotics. The chaotics will be at the randevous point while me, Shadow and Rouge head to the randevous point by truck, we will be in a trailer being towed by the truck. We were told that eggman, somehow put a chaos emerald to the computer and with it's power. They also detected something alive down inside the computer's mainframe, code named it. Mad-Matrix. I was amazed that something like this could be possible. I had no choice but to accept the task and head forward. On my way to the truck, I notticed a computer with a red glowing eye, making a stare at me, as if it was watching me. Rouge then tried to get me to stay focused, to get into the truck. I looked closer and closer, towards the eye of which that was watching me. Then Rouge slapped me in the cheek, getting my attention and the eye was gone. I got into the truck. I was then bonked on the head by Rouge, she did that to get my attention even more, just in case I didn't loose focus. Our ride was a bit boring but that didn't bother me. I took a wild nap, with Rouge watching me. Her eyes were beginning to close and soon so did Shadow's. Our "nap" was short lived, we woke up and got out of the trailer. When we did, we saw that the Computer was underground and we were in Moscow. The chaotics came as promised with the exact location. Then we were attacked by a giant dragonoid robot. We tried to out run the robot but it was fast. Rouge commanded me and the others to head to the cave that lead underground. I felt that this was the end of her, that she was going to die after this. We entered the computer room with alot of electronics roaming the room with the energy they were given. The chaotics found the location the chaos emerald and gave us these bracers, both me and Shadow. Shadow karate chopped the computer's key board and entered the mainframe, I only hope don't come across what we were told of. Me and Espio followed him and entered the mainframe ourselves. While we were stuck in the computer's network, Rouge was dealing matters with the eggdragon, she flipped after a strike then she place one of her bombs onto it and blew up. Then the Eggdragon came out of the smoke, wacked Rouge towards the trailer. Rouge tried to reach for the gun, a bit closer and she grabbed it. She held the gun and pointed it strait into the Eggdragons brain and few seconds, she shot the gun into the brain with the Eggdragon's head then exploded. Rouge then laid for awhile, exausted. Back at me, Shadow and Espio roaming to the network. I felt more concerned about the outcome of this mission. I gave the thought of why would Eggman put a chaos emerald be inside a computer. Shadow told me that's the exact reason why we're here, to figure out why. I felt that what was here was the reason why the chaos emerald was inside, to keep it from getting out. Shadow then shoved me, told me that we're doing this with one way or another. I was frightened of how focused Shadow was about the chaos emerald. I had no idea of had happened. I was scared so much that I had no choice but to go further along. Upon our search for the chaos emerald, we saw the thing that we were told about. It was freaky looking, it looked similar to metal overlord but smaller, almost my size, it also had feet. The thing told us that he is the guardian of the emerald, and warned us that mobian kind is not ready to take on such a monster that lies ahead. Shadow didn't listen and knocked the guardian down. He cared only for the mission, nothing more. I stayed and asked the guardian of why was he protecting the emerald. It said that Eggman created Mad-Matrix to be a computer that controls the machines, Eggman gave the brain of Mad-Matrix the chaos emerald that we were looking for. The emerald turned Mad-Matrix alive, compelling it to kill Eggman. But Eggman shut Mad-Matrix down before anything happened. The guardian also said that the beast could still be released and all of mobiankind will be extinct. Shadow and Espio were fighting an Eggman data clone, the clone was the backup guardian, just in case the first had failed. Shadow and Espio won on this battle but the true evil was closer than ever. Shadow grabbed hold of the chaos emerald, right when I was about to warn them. The guardian was concerned about the safety of Mobiankind and tried to take the emerald away from them. The guardian took it and the emerald caused the Mad-Matrix super computer to reboot. Causing a explosion, rigged to destroy the ones who've released it. Mad-Matrix awakened and grabbed the guardian from his feet and incinerated the guardian. absorbing the data and destroying the outside. I found myself falling into the abyss and falling to my fate. I was not fast enough, I was not brave enough. I wasted my life before I had the chance to save the world.

chapter 2

After my fall, I found myself laying around in garbage, with nothing but a world that looks close to a post-apocolyptic land that was destroyed in a way that I did not know of. This is where I left off. This is where our journey begins.

My life, I felt it drifting away from me. I felt that the world was gone but my world was more just found than lost. I came across a Mobian known as Beowulf. He despised my look and way but he knew that I had a good heart. He told me of the downfall of Mobius. Mad-Matrix killed Eggman, it managed to burn him alive and then rebuilded his army, giving them the name "Mad-Droids" and claimed the city that Eggman had always dreamed to have accomplish. It named the city "Rocropolis" it had wage war upon the Mobians, the Mad-Droids won in almost all of the battles against the Mobians. Sonic, Tails, knuckles and others, all dead. Shadow was captured, Omega turned against the Mobians because of Eggmans death. Rouge aswell had fallen under the banner of the machines. All that were left were only the ones no one had heard of. Our heroes are all dead.