In a dark alley, the scenery was all black and white with some tint of grey, a fiery portal appeared as the only colored object seen and as one demonic foot stepped out another followed, a demon resembling a hedgehog came full on out, it's face was familiar but you could sense something different, something more powerful than the villains you've probably seen in other stories. The demon was black, black as soot with yellow demonic eyes, it left out an aura and trail of hellish fire as it walks with its veins wiggling on and off; it lacked normal feet, looking more like crystalized peg legs. The demon gave a face that you could easily tell was a sign of focus; it was seriously looking for something... or someone but then again, if it needed someone, it would be so it could get something. Its demonic eyes drifted towards from the left alley where the streets can be seen with many Mobians, to the alley on the right is another long alleyway that leads to a Highway at the end full of vehicles, the demon went in favor to the left. Being watched by a shadowy figure from above next to some stone gargoyles in praying stance, the demon sensed the mobian watching it but did not bring itself to care. The crowd of Mobians walking by soon joined in sight of the demon, one jackel-jack@$$ believed it was from some circus, another called it a random street performer with a heavy metal costume. The demon growled a little in sight of disrespect even though they don't who it is they are talking to or speaking about. I bursted out with a demonic roar, its eyes turned a flame as it claims... "I am Arrogance, I am not this 'performer', I am not from this 'circus' that you speak of, I am from the devil's pit nowhere more!" taking a soft and deep speech while opening more portals just like before. Hundreds of Grendels came out of those hellgates, killing as many mobian as they could find, drinking the blood of the corpses still warm, all of this was what the shadowy figured watched as he grew in disgust and freight. All who sees a shade know his name, a dark warrior born through Satanic Alien Alchemy. You know him well, the shadowy figure was maskly-faceplated and wearing a hoody cowl with crossing bandoliers over his torso, carrying two modified Revolvers on his holsters on the sides of his belt, they were filled with special Magnums.

(to be continued)