The Tails Doll

Tails doll

This is a crossover be

Jason Voorhees

tween Jason Voorhees, the anti-hero of friday the 13, Freddy Krueger, the insane hor

ror that gets into peoples dreams(even Jason's), and the Tails doll, the internet horror fad.

the story's tagline was "3 of the worlds most feared villains vs one hero"


Taking place after the film Freddy vs. Jason and Jason X. Jason was doing what he normally does(kill people for revenge) then he was tricked again by Freddy(who again went under the desguise of Jason's mom) and was sent to a city known as station square(for the exact same reason for the first film) to kill some nuaghty children. Freddy also later told the Tails Doll that Jason was killing the kids so the Tails doll would not get stronger for it needed souls undamaged for him to gain power.

Later Michael(a fifteen year old, highschool student) finds that he has powers of all the slashers combined. His skin turned blue, his eyes turned all black, his hair was white as snow, and his strength was so mass, he actually got buff.

Jason and the Tails doll were clashing and slashing together while Michael and Freddy were clashing with there blades.

Michael cutted off Freddy's claw, then kicked him off the cliff where Jason actually tore the Tails doll apart with his machete. Upon it's dead body, all the souls that the Tails doll claimed went back to there respectful bodies. Then Michael and Jason were staring at eachother with Freddy suddenly pops up out of nowhere. Michael, Jason, and Freddy then clashed like titans. Michael took Jason's machete a

Freddy Krueger

nd cutted Freddy's through neck, leaving a scar on it.

Freddy disappeared then Michael knocked out Jason and soaked him so much that he fainted. Michael heard of Jason and knew where he's suppose to be and put him in his car.

Michael drove Jason's unconcious body to camp Krystal lake and dropped him off. Michael was then attacked by Freddy, speaking about being at the camp gives him deja viu. Michael told him to shut the f*ck up. Then they both clashed with fierce looks and skill. Michael led the fight towards the campus building and set the building on fire and trapping him inside. Michael was filled with relief but then saw Freddy get out from the fire and laughed in an insane way(similar to the joker, voiced by Mark Hamil) is pissed off Michael so bad that he roared(like Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia) in a way that frightened vaporized Freddy from existense, knowing that Michael was not afraid but angered.

Michael then dropped Jason into the water and praying that Jason would find a way to gain his own freedom from what curse that has been put upon such. After giving Jason a respectful funeral, the Tails doll appeared, angered because of Jason's machete(of which Michael took from Jason) and the two charged with Michael leaping with a blades(growing out of his fingers like Freddy's claws) and when Michael was about to kill the doll the credits came, leaving it up to the viewer to figure out who won.


a returning song from Freddy vs. Jason came to be the trailer's theme song.