okay, when I heard of Sonic Adventure being ported to gamecube that made me think "why is Sonic Adventure being ported to gamecube and not ps2 or Xbox as well? does Sega like Nentendo better than ps2 or Xbox?". I keep on thinking the same thing about everytime I heard the name Sonic Adventure, it even got worse when I heard Sega made a new game for the Wii and then came a sequel to it, I mean come on, why did they make a game thats good enough to have a sequel for only the Wii, does Sega really like Nentendo better? but then when I was trying to find the email address to Sega(because of this fanon movie that I wanted real), pop goes the weasel, an announcement came and said that sonic adventure is going to PSN and Xbox live Arcade, it was like a sign from god, like god actually listened to my prayers to bring down a sign that Sega like to make games for both consoles, not just the Wii and now there it is, My wish was granted, granted a sign, how amazing was it to finally see they're telling us not to be jealous of what games been made for the Wii, and they proved they told truth by porting the game on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, how amazing is that and did you all felt the same about my past deceit? that is all that I ask now, because my question before was answered.