Starring: Mr. Nightmare and Sonic the Hedgehog.


On a stage surrounded in shadow, with a few spotlights to help take a view. The red curtains on top of the wooden floor, two sets moving back; in complete opposition of each.

We soon see Sonic the Hedgehog sitting on a chair, nonrestrained and willingly sitting upon such a old fashioned seat.

Lights comings from above vanished, leaving the shadows to devour the scene in a quick instant. Quickly, only a few seconds after; too fast for sound to be heard, the lights came back. As the shadows evade the brightness, a white haired man could be seen, dressed in the darkest clothing yet.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

Tipping the black fedora on top of his head as he shouted to the mobian audience.

Almost everyone from the Sonic franchise took seat within this "auditorium" as the mysterious man looked back to Sonic. Ovi Kintobor himself sat in the back row, watching Sonic volunteer much to his surprise.

"My name is Mr. Nightmare... though, you may call me Notte"

Announcing his name, to give a familiarization with him; giving them some comfort.

"You are seeing the great Sonic the Hedgehog volunteering in one of my best tricks"

"Just get to the point moron"

By Sonic's bad manners from Notte's point of view, the audience laughs out loud. The man, our Notte, glared at Sonic like a grump, putting more humor to the audience as they watched.

"Scratch that..."

In response to Sonic's insult, Nightmare quickly changed his mind. Our audience awed in depression but changed to aweing in joy when...

"I'm going to pull one of my better tricks, just one, one that truly tackles belief"


"Laugh it up spikey"

"Spare me from this mockery of magic"

"In the end, the only enemy is death"

With the black cape attached to his back, he magically ported a box on to set. Built with long and thin holes, capable of fitting blades through.

"Quick summary: Sonic is going to kill me"

"Say what?!"

"You heard me"

"I can't do that"

"Not without these swords, seven of them to be exact"

"But I was just making jokes"

"I know, they were good"

Notte laid his back against the floor of this red box, shaped in a coffin. He closes the box with its lid, locking himself in, all done thanks to his wand as he swung it around for each action.

Sonic got off of his chair and grabbed one of the swords that Mr. Nightmare mentioned. Poked them through the holes, they actually went through his body. This blue blurr was quite hesitant on this but he tries to pretend that he knows what Notte was thinking.

After putting all seven swords and then taking them out one by one, Sonic opens the box from its locks. Seeing nothing more than a corpse of this man, dead he was.

The audience goes under a slight panic and mourning.

But then, the audience looks behind Sonic after hearing a humming, Sonic himself joins their notice of this sudden noise.

They see Notte alive and well. Look back at the box, seeing no one inside. The audience gives their loud applause, clapping loud and hard. Some of the others, like Kintobor, were seen with their jaws open like a cartoon... more like a flash cartoon.

Sonic was speechless at the sight.

"Let us give Sonic an applause for his excellent work"

Doing so as he said.

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