this online novel is a rewrite of the original


this online novel was published by [Evilbooks]


"My name, I don't remember really, how I got here, I really can't say, but I'll do what I can to tell you" - Notte

part 1

It all started with an accident I was sealed by a mad man bent on ....well.... he didn't really say much all he said was that I'll be useful h*** what that meant but while I was sealed up in that d*** container I felt......pain..... unbelievable pain, pain like god was shouting at me telling me that I was an idiot, a coward, a monster and there were these gems I saw interesting looking things, while I was....well....pain thats the word there was an explosion causing me to appear in this monster like body it was, as I said before "unbelievable" well actually thats not really what I meant but you can think of something better can't ya, it also caused an explosion scary as hell but it was also an oppertunity so I left that stupid place and ran, nothing but forest I ran into with something that right....or should I say ancient. when I ran I ran so fast I couldn't see where I was going until I ran into an edge of a cliff it was a dead end, so I ran til I wore out and when I did, I stopped at a lake where a woman came out she appeared as a rabbit telling me that I'm suppose to be here but I thought that was alot of bulls*** and thats exactly what I said and she got angry about me saying about what I think I have only two things on my mind thats knowing who I am and get the heck out of here she did not want that so she attacked me I hid for awhile and when it was a good timing I jumped onto her back but she counter and brought the whole forest down so I couldn't hide anywhere and when I closed my eyes, a flash of light came up it knocked me down and it got rid of that b**** its unknown whether she burned to hell or ran before things got spooky. anyway when I woke up I was in someones bedroom another woman came up she said her name was Sally Acorn she brought me here after a big explosion came she found me right at the same place as the blast this probably would mean that I did that flash of light and maybe I did kill that woman hare, she asked me my name I couldn't remember that but I remember at the lab I saw a word on the wall saying project Notte so I said my name was Notte she acknowledged and brought me out of the room and showed me the village I was in she brought me to this freedom fighters HQ the name needed work but Sally was going to recruit me into the freedom fighters as soon as I heard that I wanted to leave but she insisted that I should be part of this guild of heroes and so I decided to think about it. I went to sit on stump and when I did I saw a green hedgehog he said his was scourge part of the anti-freedom fighters which also needed work I mean come on freedom fighters and the anti-freedom fighters don't people have more creativity then the anime we have watched, I didn't help him so I ran like before til I ran into one of the gems that was in the lab it was blue as the sea amazing thing the only I wonder about it is why is it here. When I looked into the Gem it showed me a vision, it showed me killing innocence with nothing but conquest drilling within my mind, bloodlust and bloodshed was all thats left and all there will ever be.

part 2

when I went back to the village it was already being attacked, Scourge and his goons were the ones that did this, people were being burned, strangled and raped, good lord it was a nightmare I couldn't bare to watch but I couldn't just sit and watch. I attacked the invaders with my might and crush a person's head with my bare hands, freaked me out when I did that and after a few kills here and there Scourge shows up and asks me to join him and become one of the Anti-Freedom Fighters refused the offer and Scourge ran off, I was not going to let him go so easily. When I got to Scourge another humanlike being like myself came by, he had white hair like mine and the rest are black and red, he spoke to me asking if I were project : Notte and I knew this was bad, then when I asked why, he said that project : Notte was an incomplete project and project : V was the complete being because project : Notte was unstable, he saw what I did in the forest and he was the reason why the woman hare dissapeared it's because he saved her. when he realised that I am project : Notte he smashed scourge's head into the side of the tree with nothing but a bloody mess, it did not matter to him whoever Scourge was. I ran further into the forest and got to the lab and found the madman that kidnapped me and put me in the container, I strangled him to fix me and bring me back to my old self back to being whoever I was, But I was interupted by the figure I met earlier and attacked me, he used a gem like the one I had except it was red, he used it to create a sword out of nowhere and tried to slice me with it, it nearly got me but it got only a piece of my hair, I mean wow where did that come from. I tried to do the exact same thing but it was hard and man it was ahh da** it why can't it work, it did not do what I wanted it to do but instead it turned into a whiplash that allowed me to grab his sword and use it against him. Then I grapled his leg drew him close and then drilled the blade into him, blood splatted everywhere but it didn't kill him, he grabbed the whip and tried to do the same thing to me but out of luck I cutted the whip in half, by doing that, it returned to it's original state. With anger running through me and wanting to be unleashed, the figure told me his name he only told me his initial, V, but that did not stop my anger and so I drilled the blade again within him, a gory mess it was, it reminded me of the vision I saw the one with nothing but bloodlust following my trail, V spoke and said that the vision was my future and it was the coming of the true beast that I was destined to be, and with those final words I gave myself reason to drill my blade again, this time strait into his heart where his lifeforce was and with that thrust he layed laughing for a few minutes and then stayed silent with me walking away to a known future where nothing but bloodlust and death awaits.


there on the floor where V died nothing but blood and sorrow with a thirst for vengence, he is our only hope you know and as I say this, this is not even over, we will meet again and next time, be prepared.