Ladies and Gentlemen...

As some of you might have been around to know, our very BL7 tried to make a page about the Sonic Fanfilm (the one that is as of now about to be released sometime next year). I suppose Rider may have a chance with reason.

Rider is going to be more diplomatic here; trying to not to go too far this time around.

Riderjones, who is to be considered a more light hearted persona, would like to make a petition for archiving Sonic related media (note that I underlined media) that have not been made by Sega.

Most admins here are definitly going to bite hard this time. Somewhat true but not that hard.

The main reason here, because there has been no page made for that Fanfilm. No collective information anywhere else so, Battlelord felt that him alone was suppose to.

A bit too martyr-ish, I know but still. That is what this petition is for, resolving problems that still stand. 

Allow works not done by Sega

The poll was created at 04:15 on December 14, 2012, and so far 7 people voted.