Now after a recent spoke on a blog made by Salacommander. I have gone through a thought on how come Sega hasn't tried thinking about a sonic game to captitilize the more famed games like Mass Effect, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Fable, Infamous, etc.

Can anyone tell me "why is that?". I mean with Shadow the Hedgehog, they could've added some elements from other games or made the story more giving you the feeling that you get while playing Mass Effect: Make the player feel like the world is real.

Honestly the could be going from this To something like This

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Worst Elise5--article image

Sega is making Sonic sound like he's in near death with no other future for him, Leaving Eggman stealing the world like it was once in a market. And if Sonic dies, what the hell use to be happening in empire will happen to us: leaving us to dispair and misery, it would be like the Ray sphere blew up and killed thousands of people just like what happened in inFamous.

Which is why we need to do something about it. For those who have great experience in artwork, we're gonna need your help because apparently, Sega needs it the most. Those who have experience in story telling, we'll need help from that too.

We need to show Sega that we want to help them give Sonic a re-model and make Sonic look like a god among Mobians.