I'm willing to make a comic book series of everybodies favorite character Nazo

Nazo the Nephilim

and I need help figuring out a plot for this guy and I hope you fans of this guy have any ideas on the plot. I will need abilities, something you guys might like. I added a preffix to his name just as you notice Nazo the Nephilim this comic book series his gonna be perfect so put in the comments on what you want in the comic and I might turn it into a flash comic but still its gonna be awesome!!

Nazo the mysterious blue/gray figure will become the badass Anti-Hero fans will want him to be

well I don't think I can do it, it's very difficult and I have alot of thought into it but I it's just not working, I can't find a Nazo sprite and I can't draw him correctly, Not saying this wouldn't be done but it's going to take alot longer than planned.

Alright I got a piece of it done and I decided to put some comedy where Nazo is wanting to be a badass but due to some bad quality on the typing, I have to right down what Nazo and some other guy is saying.

First official comic Nazo:looks like.. you just got owned.

Rev:rrrgh Brooklyn ahh who am I kidding.

Nazo:Oh I feel so delightfully white trash. Mommy, I want a mullet.

Rev:Say what?.

It's a test for now so I'm not sure on keeping this up but it works for now... I think... to be honest.