I was thinking this last night and it came to me a question: "wait wasn't Shadow introduced in 2001?" did he?

If he was, shouldn't that mean this year would be Shadow's 10th anniversary?

It is isn't it? If so than we should say something about that right?

Side blog 1: Jack Knightmare

I'm gonna be working on a comic starring one of my original characters: his name is Jack Knightmare. The image isn't official but it's similar to what he looks like. Most of his biography are from norse mythology (such as his place of origin and weaponry). He wields many weapons, a notable weapon would be his mighty Hel-fist, a gauntlet runed and embedded with dark powers. The weapon's origin remains a mystery. He has a sword called Syrtur which refers to the fire giant Syrtur who carried a fire sword in actual mythology.

Jack Knightmare copy
Jack Knightmare copy2