I was talking about what voice actors I'd want to see in the future of Sonic. While I was talking to some of the users, I had the thought of Shadows persona, and that lead me to level of thought of Snake Eyes. Despite Shadow being able to talk, Shadow and Snake Eyes both have similarities that would make Shadow even more awesome than before. Think about it, Shadow is the same person but made silent from an accident that lead him mute for the rest of his life. With Shadow wearing all black with a mask, that would make Shadow a true ultimate life form. Being a ninja and kicking people's @$$s. Awesome right?

Now I want your full opinion and I might make some artwork about this in the future, now I said "might" not "will" ok. Who knows, I might make a full blown action web comic for crying out loud just for it. I'm having thoughts that could make me num for weeks. Now tell me, what in War's glory is your oppinion?