"Yee Haa"

Sora Kintobor was racing on his favorite bike along the streets of Mobotropolis. His techonologically advanced bicycle was going fourty miles per hour, with the built in Turbo thrusters it could go further by ten percent.

Not many cars were on the road at this time. Any cars that could have been seen were driven in a safely pace, in a state where accidents were impossible because of the minimum speed they carried.

Suddenly, out from the unexpected, Sora's vehicle ran too fast for him to control. Causing his bike to slip, lifting him slightly into the air as he also fell.


Getting caught in a tragic accident, the few people who saw were horrified at the sight of Sora's corpse being so fatally bruised. You can see blood dripping from his wounds, being impaled by broken off bits of his own bicycle.

"Sora!" Dr. Ivo Kintobor shouted out through his sight. Seeing his own son dead and bloodied brought tears to his eyes as he lifted his body up. This incident changed his life.

As time went on, he gave himself a passionate goal within cloning technology, going onward with a more personal motif than his previous interest in robotics. Holding on to what was left of his own fifteen year old son drove him closer as he gathered a few a portions of his son's memories as a template.

With time going onward, Kintobor engineered his lab, hand built by himself and his robotic creations, toward the greatest achievement of nothis life but his sons life.

"It is almost done, I only need one thing left"

Holding an incomplete clone inside a cylinder full of chemicals and wires. Kintobor opened up a sky light, a hole the sealing. You can hear the lion's roar in the sky, the thunder and the lightning were clashing with eachother thanks to the Doctor's brilliance.

He turned on the conducter attached to the cylinder, having it absorb the electricity as the thunder roared even more.

Somehow, an animal was biting on to the wires. A real live hedgehog knawed with its sharp teeth, only seconds away from the clone's completion.

The Doctor saw the vermin biting like crazy.

"Oh no you don't"

Bringing out a broom to scare it away, he was too late though. The electricity channeled through the rodent's body, not long before hedgehog exploded, into the clone's.

The body mutated as the process was going. A permanent henshin into a chimera, transforming into a anthropomorphic creature.

"No! Not again"

In Kintobor's eyes, he felt that he failed at bringing Sora back same as before. What he saw in that cylinder was not his son; in his eyes, he saw an abomination.

"Throw this thing away"

He had his machines throw his creation away. Sora's cloned and deformed body was only unconcious at the time.

Kintobor shunned even himself away, his machines were the only company he needed.