Edger tribut

In honor of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

This is a reply to all those Sonic Story Book ideas and I all I have to say is they got terrible choice, that's because I know a better story that Sonic should be in.

4 words: John. Carter. Of. Mars.

Why John Carter?

Now as you might wonder what is John Carter of Mars. Technically, it is a set-trilogy of books within a series known as the Barsoom series writtin by famous Science fiction fantasy writer Edger Rice Burroughs (que apluase). It is far from amazing, in fact this book is one of the oldest books out there and one of the best (almost 100 years old and it's still amazing).

How would it work. For those who have not read the books; story of John Carter starts at the first book "A princess of mars" where it has John Carter as a civil war veteran that wounds up on Mars(known towards the natives of the planet as Barsoom in translation is: "eighth planet"). On the planet, John could jump really high and was really strong. Right after, he meets some of the natives known as the Tharks(who are 15-feet tall green men with 4 arms) lead by the captain of the squad Tars Tarkas. The Tharks befriend John (though John could not understand their language at the time) and treat him like their own. John is then given a guardian, a female thark named Sola(she is Tars Tarkas' daughter). months later, John began to learn the language of the Tharks. He soon becomes attracted to the princess of the red martians known as Dejah Thoris. They later team up to somehow prevent the air from dispersing because the reason why Mars could provide life-support was because of a plump station that could do all that stuff.

how would it work for Sonic?

Now, to see Sonic in there is very easy to guess how it would happen.

Sonic winds up on Mars and meets Tars Tarkas and the Tharks, then meets Sola who becomes his guardian. Then later on, Sonic meets Dejah Thoris which Sonic becomes attracted to. Then, sonic and Dejah Thoris have to team up to save the planet. Tell me, how could it not work like that.

Talking more about the book

My oppinion of the book. It's great. In fact, I kinda like Sola. I don't know exactly why, I just do. What I also like about the book that I seem to have some connection with John Carter, which again, I don't know why, he just makes me feel like I'm there and not John Carter and that is what a real book is suppose to feel like.

Now this more about the book. Like I said before, this book is old and I do mean old as in 100 years old or atleast almost. And so, it so old and yet it only had two film adaptions(one by Asylum productions which was actually pretty decent and one upcoming film slated to premiere in year 2012, produced by Walt Disney) meaning that either a movie adaptation is something extremely difficult or the book was terrible. But the latter is false. A film that completly follows the exact vision of Burroughs would be insanely difficult.

And also like I said before, this is one of the best books out there. Because it's not about war, it's about exploring an unknown world, an epic odyssey story. It's about John Carter having some trip of discovery and saving the planet's air from dispersing and no longer supporting of life.

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