A web fiction sequel to The Death of Amy: my last comic. I said I wasn't making comics, the story will continue. Due to the fact that comics can hold only sooo little emphasis of dark storyline, I decided to start making dark story through dark Sonic short stories.

The story

With Sonic holding Amy dead and bloodied, He blames himself for his failure and decided to give up being the cocky hedgehog we all know and loved. Shadow, being by Sonic's left, wanted to act like a brother to Sonic, sharing remorse. Seeing as Sonic's loss being similar to how Shadow lost Maria.

Sonic: Amy.....

Shadow: Sorry pal, I couldn't save her in time.

Sonic: How did this happen?

Shadow: I wish I knew...

The area was gulfed in flame which clearly blinded Shadow from seeing the murder. None the less, this didn't change anything... anything but change itself.

Sonic: Shadow...

Shadow: yes...

Sonic: What am I gonna do? First Sally, now Amy. I could've saved them both but I didn't.

Shadow:... you keep running. Never look back and prevent it from happening again. That's all I can say..

Sonic: even if it was me?

Shadow:...yea. Sonic, don't blame yourself for what happened.

Sonic: it's my fault this happened. If I hadn't been gawking around and went strait home, she would've been alive.

The statement paused Shadow, thinking those words flying out of Sonic's throat making a very well point. For the first time ever in his life, Sonic had failed.

Sonic, after being decided to leave Freedom city for new place to live: She died because of me.

This was a revelation to Sonic, the event made him think about being a more serious hero than before. Sonic had decided to grow up.

7 months later

Having felt such loss, Sonic retired from being a hero and he now lives in Metron city, a place similar to Los Angelas. He has found work at a cafe with decent pay.

(to be continued