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File:InFamous Cutscene Civilization Committing Suicide

When I was on conscious, I felt the lives of others being burned, and destroyed. I was later visited by a deity named Abaddon, he was huge as big as the planet of Mobius. he came to me, to aid me in the vengence I was fueled with and allowed me to return to mobius, alive and strong, and among the living.

chapter 1

when I awoke, the hare I saved before came to me, she was the one that saved me and brought me here in her home, she told me her name was Selene, a leporid born in italy. I was still drousy, possibly adjusting because of how long I was on conscious. Selene was trying to seduce me into sleeping with her, a random word from someone, so I had a option to sleep with her or not.

sleep or not

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after I awoke again, Selene was trying to seduce me again, she was close that time but suddenly a giant colossus grabbed the ceiling and then grabbed me, I saw Abbadon again and he came to aid me, he gave me a strange sword, when I awoke the sword was on my back. I broke out and climbed up his arm and stabbed his eye with thy blade, when I did that a vision came to me, I saw creatures everywhere and they were attacking cities and villages, I had no time for visions, but before I attack again, it grabbed me again, and tried to eat me and thats what it did but I didn't land in the stomach, because when I fell, I used my blade to hang onto the throat and went up to the brain. when I got to the brain, I pulled out my sword and stabbed the brain, with its electricity fueling me it reminded me of my revenge, my revenge against Notte, he will pay for what he has done. after I stabbed the brain I fell on a ledge, the exit was right front of me, I jumped and land on the ledge on the other side and was about to fall with all my vengence, never ever going to be filled, until another figure grabbed my arm and through me out of the mouth and there I landed not knowing whether that man lived or not, it might have been my imagination, a hellucination, I don't know. after that I set sailed to look for Notte, and achieve my vengence, Selene wanted to go with me but I told her that it was to dangerous she could very well be killed.

chapter 2

in my journey of vengence, Abaddon spoke to me(I had a statue made for conversation) and he told me that Notte is, he said that Notte is attacking villages as we speak, he tries to scare inoccent folk into working for him so he can begin his conquest, his where abouts are in florence(mobius's), and so I told the captain that we're heading to florence and there was the city inflamed with unstable anger and dispair, I was reminded of the battle we had, it was much longer than it was told, you see he asked me how he was unstable, I told him that his anger his rage, he was not finished he was imperfect, he only grew more angery, he slashed his sword but mist and I turned his whip into a blade like his, that was when it hit me, I still had the gem, the chaos emerald and I realized, I had two weapons, so at the dock I ran to Notte and I found him, he wondered when I was about to show up, I was wondering when did he know that I was alive. Notte then left but had one warrior willing to serve him, his name was spike a big guy not as big as Abbadon, he attacked me head on but I dodged with nothing but shear luck, then I drew my blades and trip him on his back then landed right on his big belly, and with my own anger I stabbed my two mighty blades right into his eyes then I kept on pulling one blade to the other I rapidly stabbed his eyes and had him up on his feet blinded, then I turned my gem into a scythe and sliced his head off with all his blood spilling into the ground, then Abaddon came to me again and rewinded time a bit and told me he could be a great ally, so I had the choice whether to kill him or not.

kill him?

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after that I decided to face the keepers of time itself and set sailed to the edge of the earth inorder to stop this mess that Notte has created.

chapter 3

on my trail to find the keepers, Abaddon told me that the island that leads to the keepers is just ahead and Notte is also on his way there aswell. when I heard that I told the captain to head faster to the first island we see and this island was big, when we landed on the island, Abbadon gives me a ring so I can still stay in contact with him. after that I can either ride my motorcycle that the freedom fighters made me or I could just walk.

ride or don't

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when I reached to a mountain leading me to the island, I came across a fellow by the name of Bolt he was a mut. he told me that there is a bounty on my head made by Sally Acorn, asked why and he replied that I was attacking an agent of the freedom fighters, I was thinking if hes refering to Notte then I'm a damned sucker just ready to be punched. He attacked me and I was quite ready for him and so I jumped over and dropped him to his knees, he felt frightened, amazed by my skill, he asked if he could join me, so should I let him in or just kill him and leave a burden.

let him in

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befored I did anything to him I asked whether Notte and Sally are working together, he told me in a sarcastic fashon that Sally actually has an interest in Notte, which he thought was just a stupid joke for teenagers, can't agrue with that. after that my journey continues.

chapter 4

When I got to the first palace of the keepers I stumbled into one of there statues, now before you get the idea of the sisters of fate no these were guys, boys mostly common name for them would be brothers of fate infact. as I was saying the statue was of Revelant the brother of future, he spoke to me that I should not trust Abbadon because he actually spoke of the nickname of Abaddon as the destroyer which it did not matter to me as long as Abaddon is useful not even his blood will be spilled, Revelant was furriated at me for not taking his warning but I had no time for his warnings, he transformed the statue he spoke through and turned into the god of death Thanatos and attacked me head on, I grabbed his scythe with my anger and might, revenge was the only thing I wished for and so I will have it, he through me with his might and with every move, my attacks were useless, there I was laying there with nothing to save me but that was not going to stop me, I stood up and grabbed his mask and with a great pull the mask fell off and was now in the posession of me, granting me strength of death itself and as I saw his face, his true face, I sliced his head off with the rage I was fueled with, the blood spilled, the scream he spoke, it did not matter this was only a piece in my journey and there I continued.

chapter 5

during more into my journey of vengence. I came across a guy named Jet he was a little cooky a bit but when he spoke to me he made a reference to the bounty and when I was to be attacked again, I tried to offer him to join me if he knows whats good for him, he refused and pushed me off the track with great force, I fought him until we almost got close to the pit of Hell and what horrors that ly ahead, I broke his arms and legs, then I grabbed his fans and shoving my fist into his throat and taking his guts out and with the fans I stole, I flew up into a ledge close to the track while Jet landed into a cruel death, falling into hell for his greed and strife. I climbed back up and followed the track from where I left off, the city of time was not far and it was not close.

chapter 6

From where I left off I found a long beam, at least thats what I think it was, when I touched it, it showed me more visions, more of a past that I feel familiar with but my skin, my looks, it was different, it was very different, Abaddon gave me the support beam, thats what he called it, and ingraved it onto my right arm, giving me a pain that god would punish people with, and with the power given I felt more rage, I blamed it on Notte, the Scourge of my journey the wielder of the sin of treachery and violence, I moved on even further towards the palace of my vengence.

chapter 7

on my way to the palace I brought back memories from the battle between me and Notte, and the world. With amazing thrusts, I was given so many cuts from there I felt death, death from where my birth was shown and that it gave me so many hints of who I am, I have wondered about these visions and I wondered why should I care for visions when my main objective is to kill Notte and be done with it, I would go back in time before Notte killed anybody and kill him there, that way lives would be spared and death would be brought to justice, that is my mission. when I said that, the visions they told more about my past, a past still familiar somehow, with nothing but questions and chaos in my hands, so much madness, I could not watch for what was going on. I saw a man and a woman, with a child, that had white hair like mine, the visions they told of a past of my old self, a self of suppose reason gone wrong. with an end of my rage it gave me the strength to move foward and to move towards the city of the paradox where the keepers shall fall before me.

chapter 8

when I reached the palace, it got quiet like a shadow in the chamber I was in, a dark hall was even further, further into nothingness. where I walked another statue I came to and the statue was of both the Revelant and the Syn and they were madder than Hell, the told me to stop because I was not to mess with the fabric of the universe, I had no intention of messing with the fabric and all I want is Notte's death, but they could not allow me to do such vengence upon a soul aiding the freedom fighters, just when I heard that, I knew that was not good, Syn vanished, only to sneek up on me and grab me by the legs, I reacted and jumped high so he couldn't get me and I charged against him, with so much rage fueling my speed I felt like a phoenix with the fire following my trail, I pushed Syn into a mirror which lead even further to where I needed to be, Syn tried grab me again but saw him coming and impaled him and revelant with my scythe through there brains and after that I was almost there to the paradox chamber where the man named paradox guards the chamber, he won't be like the others because he is the trickster of the keepers where he is more akin to riddles than actual violence, then there the chamber was.

chapter 9

I fell into the chamber of what can happen if you mess with time, from where paradox layed be, like a lion asking for sleep, I woke him up and asked him if I could play a game with him, if I win I go through, if he wins, if he wins he gets to eat me, he asked what game do I want to play, the only games that I no of was a duel or a card game(the reader gets to imagin what kind of card game).

cards or duel?

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after I played the game, he let me go through with only one warning, I must kill one person for if I do a paradox of death will come before me. I went through the portal of time, acknowledging what he said I came to past one more time of my own, it told of my name, the name was not what I used thus it was my real name, Virgil it was, but this changed nothing, and it will end with one thing, death and destruction upon the one who deserves it, Notte.

chapter X

File:God of War III 'Playthrough PART 46 FINAL ENDING' TRUE-HD QUALITY
here is the 2nd chapter in the Fractured trilogy.

I came to the past where Notte has not made crime yet, and the forest of pure darkness and pure evil, I found Notte who is about to kill Scourge, I had so much rage I jumped in and pushed Scourge aside landing his head being splatted on the side of the tree and Notte ran because of my freakish nature, I followed him towards the place where we both were created, while I followed I remembered the time being rewinded, something was going on, maybe its because I did die and what I am today is just a paradox doppleganger, meaning that was to, that did not matter to me it became clear I must destroy Notte and save the world from where this tale of cruelty will end. there I was in the factory, watching Notte strangling the docter with his bare hands I could not allow that, so I charged at him with my blade and struggled to battle the evil he became, but I was fueled by hatred and the hatred became my wrath, and most of the battle before was done and did right now so trying something else, I could not do, until he used his whip to drag me and drilled his blade like before and I told him he is the true villain of this tale and he snapped with me givin a coma close to death, I was in visioned by Abaddon to fuel my rage but first I charged at him, he used me from the beginning and wanted me to create the paradox I would unleashed into the future, the present and the past, and with that charge I destroyed him with my will and power, and I awoke much stronger than before and attacked him head on grabbing his face and punching it with so much rage, I punched and I punched rapidly with blind bloodlust and furry, and with my blade I struck him down with all that I had left of me, with lightning and thunderstorms with shadows and chaos, his intire body vaporized from all the madness that consumed him, but as I stood I remembered what paradox said, that if killed more than one person or thing, the madness would be unleashed, and so far I killed three.


File:God of War Opening

(swap narrator) what happen to Violenza next, theres no reason to live when your objective is complete, so he went to the highest mountain of all of mobius and thought that he was to dangerous for a world so pure of life and just happyness, and took a step into nothing and fell to where nothing but blood may follow or what fear cannot consume, death would be only way to give hope to others, and to banish the darkness of his and Notte's tale of cruelty, bloodlust and pain, and in the end the angels would either give him punishment of a sin or give him a second life, but which he did not deserve a second life nor to live another day but to give mobiankind a story to remember and honor with there own tale and to remember what he did to give freedom to others and to give something to give incouragment to. but remember what he did to protect others from death and chaos because if you do his story will never be over. The End