According to Sonic adventure 2,Shadow the Hedgehog is a black hedgehog who is still alive and died on the ARK.NOT!there was a recent moment when i looked at SA2 movie and there was a scene when eggman walks in the room sayingthe ultimate lifeform is much more smaller than i thought he was and eggman has apparently awakened an android with a chaos emerald.than think about this.if the shadow appeared on the platform he was born from,and if he was an android,the real one is still sleeping and is considered dormant.and the real one is either a baby or its a different appearence that looks different.there was a time in the middle of the game when rouge the bat had stolen the password to eggmans system security using the code MA-RI-A.than rouge saidif that was the real shadow,than what was just standing infront of me right now?an android.but the android also died in space due to its overusage of power with chaos control so he died in space and everyone remembered him.but,were they remembering metal and circuits?why doesnt sega create a game of the real shadows rebirth.why did sega keep this a secret?see what you misses out on in the video below.this is D'layne Wilens out and about.

The Sonic Adventure 2 Movie HD02:12:48

The Sonic Adventure 2 Movie HD

who is that in that tube?

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is shadow really alive?or was he real?