Greeting fellow users of the SNN, this is former-for-a-while user DiscoDuck. I basically wanted my community to know that one of their top editors, me, is dangeruosly affected by the Pollen fever. I have heavy and pressurized coughing busting my left eye vein, allowing it to constantly bleed, I have to wear face masks and get Canola drips and shots to my veins for recovery. My heavy coughing makes my eyes water and pumps my head to high alowing constant nagging headaches. I have to take atleast 7 anti-biotic tablets and a streroidical tablet to help my "Harmed" alveoli. I am getting really drowzy nowdays and very weak. The cough also fills my air sac and trachea with tones of saliva make me loose total breath and I have to take a Atomizer and a SPACER inhaler. So I only wanted you guys to know and hope I get better.