I really don't know how to start. My family and I are moving to another state, hoping it will help me with my various health problems, and due to our new location I won't be able to hang out with you guys. And even if our location was really good I probably wouldn't have time. I'll be transferring to another school and we're trying to find a better doctor for me. We'll be leaving in about a week so I wanted to say bye now just in case I don't have any other time to do it.

I'm really gonna miss the wiki and all you guys. I'm very thankful for your quick acceptance of me, your help and advice, and patience for my inexperience. I've really enjoyed talking to all of you. I have a really bad stutter, so messaging is my best way of communication. I really think it's cool to be able to message Sonic fans from all over the world, and I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning some about you guys. These several months I've been here have been some of the most enjoyable ones of my life, but I only wish it could have lasted longer.

If I have time I'll stop by a couple of times before we leave to see what's going on. (And I promise I'll finish Sonic Unleashed) :)