So when I was much younger I found out about a website called Sploder where you could make video games free without any downloads. Of course the engine wasn't very advanced as a trade off. On the website I started creating A 2D remake of Sonic Adventure using the limited engine and it was the most popular game I had. About a year ago I looked back to this game and after seeing that It wasn't very good I decided I might as well finish what I started and remade the whole thing. In retrospect it's much harder than I originally Intended. So I thought maybe some people on this wiki would apprciate the retro style and difficulty. So I bring you all:

Sonic Adventure 2DX!

Part 0: (If you've never heard of the website, this is pretty vital to the game)

Part I - Bad Vacation: Go!

Part II: The Egg Carrier: Go!

Part III: Full Cycle: Go!