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    Team Anime9

    December 2, 2011 by DrAssassin

    Hello users of the Sonic Wiki. I'm Gotek, a user on many wikis. I don't think I've edited on this wiki before, but I've been to so many I don't really know :). But to the point of this blog:

    I can animate stuff so I gathered a group of users on a wiki called the Ultra Dragon Ball wiki to create a new Dragon Ball anime. The group was named Team Anime9 by me. I'm bringing this over here to gather people together to make a Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic X special. There needs to a few writers, some voice actors, and an artist.

    Gotek- Animator, producer, manager, and writer.

    TheUltraKamehameha- Assistant manager, voice actor, and writer.

    Nimbus.69- Writer.

    Supersaiyan09- Voice actor.

    Gohan23- Voice actor.

    DB Wizard- Artist.

    Goten Goku- Writer.


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