With Nintendo dominating the majority of the market, SEGA descided to throw out what is one of the best consoles of all time, Sega Genesis. It had VERY aggressive marketing, and in the end bested the Super Nintendo by holding a 65% marker. But what fueled the Genesis's power? Well, at first, the Genesis was designed to fight along it's older siblings, Master System and Game Gear, but it's lack of a successful mascot was definetly hurting their chances. In fact, let's take this time to say good bye to Alexx Kidd. You will be forever missed. Not. Designs were then sent left and right, until a hedgehog was choosen. His fur; colored blue to match the SEGA logo. His shoes; inspired by Michael Jackson and Santa Claus. His inabilty to swim; given to him when Yuji Naka had an idiot moment and thought hedgehogs couldn't swim. His name; Mr. Needlemouse. What? Ahem, HIS NAME..... Sonic the Hedgehog. And thus we are introduced to what is the definiteve video gamer. But the character wasn't enough! So we needed commercials and AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the fu...... is that, Sonic? Yeah, if you have nothing to do right now go watch his original tgs trailer. Assuming you have no need for vision anymore. I would've made a smart remark on it by now, but I think someone else already did that. Well, released in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was both a commercial and critical hit, being the best selling genesis game of all time.

The story is given to you only in the manual. Yeah, thanks alot a*sholes! Any way, a fat doctor by the name Robotnik has started transforming little animals into robots to help take over the world. As Sonic, it's up to you to stop this mad amn by being fast and awesome. You race through six zones, each with great set pieces and memorable designs

Green Hill Zone:   A very nice lush enviroment. You are introduced to the  games mechanincs, and there are alot of loops to show off his speed.

Marble Zone: And here we slaughter that fun buzz we had here. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, but it's heavily focused on platforming. Talk about arupt difficulty spikes. Seriously, LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

Spring Yard Zone: A nice mix of Marble and Green Hill. It has fast paced action, but also platform themes too. If there's one thing I can't stand is it's music. It's ear raping, and that hurts me to say that.

Labyrinth Zone: And it's here you find out Sonic can't swim. Urg, this is utter BULL SH*T. The music is nice, but that's it. Sonic also has to stay alive from drowning  by sucking in bubbles. WHAT WERE THE DEVELOPERS SMOKING WHEN THEY THOUGHT OF THIS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Star Light Zone: Back to some fast paced action. That's always welcome.

Scrap Brain Zone: Send..... in....... EVERYONE! EEEEEVEEEERYYYYYOOOOONEEEEEE!!!!!!

Final Zone: Only unlockable via collecting the previous six Chaos Emeralds, but we'll get back to gem hunting later. Here, we fight Robotnik in perhaps his most pathetic final boss machines. But whatever.....

Well, with that out of the way, time for the gameplay. You control Sonic with the D-Pad, and jump with the A Button. Pressing down on it will cause Sonic to do the rolling attack. He controls beautifuly, and whenever I die, I always blame clumsy old self instead of the controls. But if you think Sonic is just some Mario clone, then you are F*CKING DELUSIONAL!!!!! No, Sonic has speed on his side. And this is his style: momentum based platforming. Sonic has weight in this game, and rolling down slopes can really show you the fastest thing alive. During this mode, you can fly through enemies at light speed. But don't touch enviromental hazards like spikes, lava, get crushed, or bottomless pits. Those can f*ck you over no matter what. Scattered throughout every levels are golden rings, which Sonic can collect. Think of them as insurance. If you get hit without one, you die. If you get hit with at least one ring, Sonic will carry on, at the price of dropping all his rings. Sonic can also break monitors along his way that can carry rings, a sheild that will protect you for one standard hit, speed shoes that make you run fast for a limited amount of time, and invincebility, which transforms Sonic into a blue demon from hell temporarily. Rings are also used for entering special stages. If you have at least 50 rings by the end of the level, you can jump into a large ring at the end of the level, which will warp Sonic into a special stage, where he can try to earn one of the six chaos emeralds. You have to guide him through acid trip mazes without touching the red spheres that say GOAL! on them. THAKNS FOR CONFUSING THE F*CK OUT OF ME SEGA! But anyways, the emeralds do absoloute sh*t in terms of gameplay, but they make for a better ending. Yeah, laugh it up fat man!

The on this game are some of the best I've seen yet, and they still hold up as for today! I'm amazed by what this game could look like with such technology.

So, in the end, SEGA found the champion they were looking for. It bested Mario and above, setting new standards for games to come. This game proved that Nintendo wasn't invincible, and while the only sega console in a long time is currently sega zone, sega opened a gap for more in. Look at SOny and Microsoft! Do you think they would've rose up against Nintendo if Sega hadn't done it before them? And for that, we should all salute SEGA. As for this game, I think it has aged incredibly well for a 16-bit game. I'll give it a 9.5/10, with the rank, Don't Deny it. And with that, I'm Dreamcaster of the SNN wiki, and you guys have a good night.


Next time, on SNN, we leap into 1992 with the game's surprisingly bada*s succedor, SOnic 2. Next time.....

Don't Miss It!

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