I assure you, this is NOT click bait. Over the course of many years, something has always bothered me. Sonic’s green eyes. NOW NOW GUYS! I’m not one of those people who think the green eyes are a bad thing. I’m just wondering where they came from.

With that said, Sonic Generations solidified the fact Sonic used to have black eyes, and black eyes only. With that said, my first trail led me to believe there was an outside cause, not Sonic just growing up. That’s not an option, because Sonic hasn’t aged AT ALL. Unless you believe in the original Japanese continuity, than I guess I can’t put up much of an argument, as the original story lines has Sonic ten years old.

With that said, I began to think hard on the ‘Outside Force’ that allegedly turned his eyes green. Power Rings were ruled out rather quickly, as they are so common throughout the games (every one of them), and while essential to maintain optimal battle prowess, not powerful to change Sonic himself.

A lot of crossing things out, I finally threw out a random thought. The chaos emeralds. HOLD IT!

The chaos emeralds, some of the most powerful items in Sonic’s world. I began to draw hypothesizes left and right. Let’s see;

To change Sonic’s basic appearance, you would need an awful lot of ENERGY. ENERGY is something the Chaos Emeralds most definitely possess. With that said, they have a certain power that emits from them. Exposure to them has actually been proven to affect Sonic somehow. Let’s take a look! Ok, he first collected them in Sonic 1, six of them. Done deal, right? No. He discovered a seventh in Sonic 2, a game that takes place after Sonic 1 and CD. With that said, He manipulated their powers to transform into Super Sonic. Now, what’s the significance of this? Well, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles, that’s what

Sonic 3 takes place IMMEDIATELY after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in which he IMMEDIATELY transforms into Super Saiyan. With that out of the way, it is precedent that Sonic has spent an awful lot of time with the chaos emeralds now. The effects probably haven’t taken place yet though. After all, it’s only been one game. Then this should drive it home. Sonic 3 and Knuckles focus A LOT on the emeralds, and even then, the most POWERFUL of his realm, Hyper Emeralds. An entire TWO GAMES having Sonic in contact and exposed to the raw power of both Chaos Emeralds, AND Hyper Emeralds! And If THAT wasn’t enough, the final boss IS REQUIRED to have the emeralds, and the canon method is with the HYPER ENERALDS!

And with that said, as well as not only is he immersed with the HYPER EMERALDS, he also CARRIED THE MASTER EMERALD, which by the way, REACTS TO THE EMERALDS IN GENERAL. And with that said, the sequel, Sonic 4, did not take place immediately after 3 and knuckles, but we know it’s still a relatively close time. So it is HIGHLY possible for Sonic to have went under the changes he got!

Now, some of you might ask, “Well, why didn’t it take place after Sonic 1, huh? That game ALSO had chaos emeralds, AND canonically Sonic collects them all.” Well, here’s the thing. Sonic 1 not only lacked Sonic FUSING with the emeralds, the master emerald, and as well as unlike Sonic 2, 3 , and Knuckles, Sonic 1 is not followed up immediately by Sonic 2, meaning there was a lot of cool off time for Sonic,